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January 4, 2017 Update on Sandy’s Lymph Swelling with Picture of Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy Wound

Lymph swelling is my problem and the best advice I have found to reduce it came from George E. Ashkar, Ph.D. He has a website, www.cancerselfcure.com, where he gives away his book, Cancer Cure (2010), and where he has posted a “How To” video for detoxifying the body.

I began the treatment on November 4, 2016 and since then I have experienced a gradual diminishing of my lymph swelling.

In December 2013 and again in January 2016 I had surgery to remove a melanoma tumor from my right sinus, so I am planning to continue the treatment for 18 months, which is Dr. Ashkar’s advice for cancer patients (two hüpfburg mit rutsche kaufen months for arthritis patients). After both melanoma surgeries my ENT surgeon advised me to have radiation treatments, but I declined.

Since 2001, due to taking tetracycline before my permanent teeth came in (I was born in 1961), I have had numerous oral surgeries to remove my teeth, and remove infected and dead bone from my jawbone.

Tetracycline caused my teeth to be malformed (long and slender roots, hyper fragile, highly sensitive, and discolored at the gum line). inflatable slide for sale No dentist or doctor I went to for face pain, canker sores in my mouth, and/or to ask why my molars had tiny fracture lines all over them realized I had a “hidden” bone infection.

At age 20 I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed and they broke apart so badly I had tooth particles working themselves out of my gums for years.

In 1996 after a dentist performed a root canal on one of my molars I was in horrific pain until he removed the tooth in a subsequent visit. It was after that, in 1996, when I was 35, that my lymph swelling began. Then, in 1997, I lost three more molars and, due to recurring endometriosis, I had a hysterectomy.

By 2001 my body was so swollen and painful I had to give up my waitressing job and, because my doctor’s only solution was to prescribe powerful opioids, I began looking into alternative medical options.

First, I had my teeth removed by an alternative oral surgeon. This was when the bone infection became obvious as I had to have more and more bone removed due to the pain in my face.

After my last oral surgery in September 2009, to remove infected bone from the roof of my mouth, the surgeon told me he had accidentally broken through the floor of my sinus and didn’t know what it would do to me health-wise (four years later, in December 2013, melanoma was discovered in my right sinus).

All of the non-surgical alternative medical methods I have tried to reduce my lymph swelling involved detoxification treatments and every one caused me to have spots break out on my skin — on my fingers, arms and legs — that oozed pus, which caused me to stop the treatments.

Dr. Ashkar’s method is working, in my opinion, due to the fact that it uses chickpeas, removed and replaced twice daily, at an appropriate area on the skin (on the calf of one leg) to remove the pus, which Dr. Ashkar says is loaded with toxins (i.e. carcinogens).

Sandra Petry, Walnut Creek, CA

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