Update on Sandra MRI report

Sandy had a facial MRI taken on September 8, 2009. She received the MRI report on Saturday, September 12th. It shows she has a problem in her jawbone at the upper left front tooth area. (Sandy wears dentures.) You can see the MRI doctor’s report PDF by clicking below:


Sandy and I are driving to Mexico on Thursday, September 17, 2009. She will have surgery on Friday morning for the removal of infected and dead bone as well as abnormal nerve growth in the area of tooth number nine.

On The View the other day I watched as a young actress, Mischa Barton (she was promoting her new TV show, The Beautiful Life), told her story about a botched wisdom tooth operation in July when she had to have a second oral surgery because the first one was not successful. Then, in one of the wisdom teeth sockets, she developed an infection and a dry socket. She stated that the pain was so excruciating that it made her feel like she wanted to die. She was taking pain medication orally and also daily Novocaine shots to minimize the pain, but she still was out of her mind with pain. She was even locked up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital she went to on a Sunday (when no dentist or doctor was available) for 72 hours for saying, in the emergency room, “I feel like I want to die.”

To watch the segment on Youtube go to:


Mischa talked about the pain of her jawbone infection just like Sandy has during the last eight years as she has been battling the infection in her entire jawbone. On line we found pictures of Mischa in July just after her oral surgery ordeal and she looked puffy and bloated. (She was back to normal on The View, two months after her surgery.)

Sandy is looking forward to never having oral surgery again and getting her life back, too. She wants to get a physically demanding job and work hard at it and get back into shape.

To read Sandy’s Almond story, “Sandy and the Almonds,” please go to: https://sandrastory.com/blog/sandy-and-the-almonds and to read my “Almonds For A Healthy Heart” report please go to: http://bit.ly/healthyheartalmond

Please say a prayer for Sandy.



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