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May 16, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

I just got over a pretty awful healing crisis that lasted two days — I had an earache that felt like electrical shocks going through my right ear over and over (keeping my ear warm helped). Yesterday the pain was really bad. I took two aspirin every four to five hours, but they just helped me stand it — they didn’t stop it. Today I’m pain free!

I have four root canal filled teeth and Sandy believes my healing crisis was about those.

I bought a fresh clove of organic garlic today and plan to start a second wound. We ordered set of Pugster plastic rings (a set of ring sizers to gauge finger size) from Amazon so I can choose a ring a little bigger than the one I used before to start our blisters.

We used my platinum wedding band to make the blisters for the wounds we have now and we think we should have made the wounds bigger because we are always searching for the smallest chickpeas in the bag.

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