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Introduction to The Master Mineral Solution (MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution) of the Third Millennium, 2011, by Jim V. Humble and Sandy’s Immediate Reaction to Using Protocol MMS1

"If you are new to MMS, I hope you do not think that this book tells about just another interesting supplement that can help some people after they take it for several months. Not so. This Master Mineral Supplement (now called: Miracle Mineral Solution) (MMS) works in a few hours. The #1 killer of mankind in the world today is malaria, a disease that is typically overcome by this supplement in only four hours. This has been proven through clinical trials in Malawi, a country in eastern Africa. In killing the malaria parasite in the body, there was not a single failure and at this writing, more than 800 HIV/AIDS cases have been successfully treated in Malawi, with all the before-and-after tests and records in place. More than 5 million people have used MMS worldwide.

"After taking MMS, people are often disease-free in 5 days and other diseases and conditions simply disappear. If patients in the nearest hospital were treated with this Master Mineral, over 50% of them would be back home within a week and 90% would be home before two months were out.

"For more than 100 years, clinics and hospitals have used the active ingredient in this supplement to sterilize hospital floors, tables, equipment, and other items. Now this same powerful germ killer can be harnessed by the immune system to safely kill pathogens in the human body.

"Amazing as it might seem, when MMS is taken correctly, the immune system can use it to kill only those germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body. MMS does not affect the friendly bacteria in the body nor any of the healthy cells. It is one of the same chemicals that the body’s immune system manufactures to kill pathogens and other harmful microorganisms in the body.

"MMS is the greatest solution to mankind’s diseases and ills now known. It is not a drug. I have provided complete details on how to make this supplement in your kitchen, buying most of the ingredients off the shelf. It is entirely possible that you will save someone’s life or your own.

"Because MMS functions as a supercharger to the immune system, it is not meant for treatment of any particular disease; rather, it has been found to improve the immune system to the point of overcoming most disease, frequently in less than 24 hours." — Jim Humble

Sandy's History

Of all the many things Sandy, age 57, has done to help herself regain her health after having a total hysterectomy in November of 1997, MMS has helped her the most.

History: Sandy had her hysterectomy because of recurring endometriosis (she was prescribed pain medication for menstrual pain beginning in 1973 at age 12). She had had two endometriosis operations previously, but when the pain returned again after the second operation her doctor recommended a complete hysterectomy. When she did not recover her health after her hysterectomy she began to fear she was dying (her body remained in severe pain and was so swollen she couldn’t bear to be touched). Her doctor said she had: “classical fibromyalgia with a total of 13 of 18 possible trigger points positive.” In March 2001 she moved from Washington to California to live with me and her stepdad, Dale, as she could no longer work and believed she was dying.

In December of 2001, after losing several molars due to their splitting down to their roots, she had all her teeth removed (they were all tetracycline damaged, which caused her to have osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis of the jawbone and the floor of her sinus). Between 2001 and 2009 she had numerous jawbone scraping surgeries to remove the infected and dead bone, and, more recently, she had three melanoma cancer tumors removed (December 2013, January 2016 and February 2018) from her left sinus area (as well as having bone from the base of her skull removed and extensive tissue removed during her February 2018 surgery). Although according to her surgeon, she is now cancer-free, her fibromyalgia was still causing her body to be painful and swollen.

On July 20, 2018, Sandy was worried a tumor was growing again in her sinus as she went to her 5th follow-up appointment after having surgery to remove a melanoma tumor on February 8, 2018 (at the time she was unaware of MMS). (Sandy has had three melanoma tumors removed: December 2013, January 2016, and February 2018.)

She explained to her doctor that the roof of her mouth was so swollen on some days that wearing her dentures was painful.

After his examination of her sinuses (he looked at both sides as she said both sides felt swollen), he assured her that no tumor was growing on either side.

New dentures were discussed, but with the swelling coming and going she decided to wait to have them made.

That no tumor was growing was good news. However, Sandy continued to feel the swelling, which was very bad some days and a little better on other days.

By August 1st, the swelling was so bad that her dentures were uncomfortable to keep in her mouth and she only wore them to eat. This caused her to spend the day at home, with her dentures in a cup on a table.

Sandy is still on the chickpea therapy and will continue for two years from her February surgery (until February 2020). She has already been on the chickpea therapy for 21 months as she started on November 4, 2016.

She has decided to continue on the chickpea therapy for 24 months from her last surgery because two years was how long it took for the previous melanoma tumors to grow back.

Swelling in the roof of Sandy's mouth relieved with new regimen: Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

Then, on August 5, 2018, Sandy began taking the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Protocol MMS1000 (MMS1), and since then she has made unbelievable progress toward good health.

The difference Sandy noticed immediately was that she could keep her dentures in all day with no discomfort. The swelling went away after the first day and has not returned.

On the 5th and 6th of August, Sandy felt a little cranky and tired, but that was okay with her as it meant she was killing off something that needed killing off

(a mild Herxheimer’s Reaction).

If you are interested in learning more about MMS please go to the following:



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