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Sandy’s Herxheimer’s Reaction Was Due to Her Liver Being Overloaded with Toxins, Not Fungus

Sandy's rash first appeared on August 26th. She felt some pain in the area but thought it was due to the rash (it looked like a fungus rash; red and weepy). The next day, August 27th, she cut down to one drop of MMS and took it every hour for 8 hours.

The following day she woke up with excruciating pain inside and outside the area of the rash and the rash was redder and weepier. So on August 28th she stopped taking the MMS drops completely and began treating the rash with Bentonite clay.

At first, the clay (mixed with Vaseline and spread on the rash) seemed to help but by August 31st, after using the clay for the previous three days, when we removed the clay, the rash was still there and Sandy said the pain had only diminished slightly overnight.

Dale, who has been coaching Dr. Kelley cancer patients since 1998, said Sandy's pain (not the rash) sounded similar to the pain Dr. Kelley cancer patients complain about after taking Dr. Kelley enzymes for several days (however, their pain is in the front of the abdomen on their right side, over the liver). In Dr. Kelley’s book, One Answer to Cancer, 1999, he says the pain is due to their liver being overloaded with toxins and it is cause for celebration as it means the enzymes are working (dissolving their cancer). Dr. Kelley’s regimen for managing the pain is to temporarily stop taking the enzymes, take as many coffee enemas as you can every day until the pain is gone and then resume taking the enzymes, repeating the regimen over and over while continuously taking coffee enemas, until the cancer is gone. (Note: Sandy has tried taking Dr. Kelley enzymes several times but they caused her rectum to burn when having a BM, which means they were not needed and were being excreted.)

Today is September 3, 2018, and Sandy has been taking three coffee enemas daily for 4 days. (Note: Both Sandy and I have been taking one coffee enema daily since 1982. We began after I spent one month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico as a helper for a friend who had cancer.) Sandy's pain, which had disappeared yesterday after her 3rd coffee enema, was there again a little bit this morning until she finished her first coffee enema. As soon as Sandy’s pain is totally gone every morning before taking her first coffee enema, she plans to put some of the activated MMS on her wrist (like an allergy test). Then, if she feels no pain the next morning (from the MMS being in her system), she will begin taking small amounts of MMS and working up to the 21-day MMS1 protocol again. When she completes the 21 days, she will go on the “MMS1 Maintenance Dose,” which is 6 drops of activated MMS mixed with 4 ounces of distilled water once daily in the evening.

Sandy feels better now than she has in 21 years. MMS has removed her whole body pain and swelling. She knows MMS is the miracle she was praying for throughout all those years. She believes taking 3 drops of activated MMS, 8 hours a day, every day, for 16 days dissolved something very bad that was in her body since she had her hysterectomy in 1997, which caused a flood of toxins to temporarily overwhelm her liver.

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