Sandy has a mass removed from right sinus

Sandy is home and resting after her operation to remove a polyp or mass in her right sinus.


She was in the operating room for two hours and I waited in the waiting room.


The doctor will talk to us tomorrow morning at her post-op appointment.


When I first got to see her she immediately said "I feel better already."


This could be because she was sedated or, it could be because her lymph is now able to drain normally. The doctor told us at her pre-op appointment that her sinuses are a big part of the lymph and the mass was definitely blocking her lymph.


Dale took a picture of her tonight:Inline image 1

Inline image 2


The gauze is to catch the blood that might drain out of her right nostril tonight.

She told me on the way home that she only has three gray hairs and the nurse who was with her after the surgery couldn't believe she is 52 (but she has to use reading glasses now).

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