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December 24, 2013 Sandy Feeling Better After Operation To Remove Mass in Sinus

Sandy is so much better we think she may be back to normal. Her color is better, her eyes are sparkly and her personality is way more cheerful than it has been in 12 years.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her third post-op check-up (the day after the surgery he decided not to remove the packing, so he took out the packing on the 20th and there was no bleeding and it looked good). We will get the results of the culture tomorrow. The "mass" as the doctor called it, was the size of a whole peanut in the shell. It blocked the right side of her sinus and part of the left side and was way in the back. He showed us on a huge poster-sized picture of the sinus area.

What Sandy likes best that has improved since the operation is that her breasts are not as swollen. She keeps showing me her neck where the swelling has gone down (now there's a crease in her skin where it used to be swollen). All the swelling is reduced.

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