Sandy and the Almonds

Sandy and the Almond-Milk Puree

Update on Sandra Petry, Bonnie’s Daughter, September 9, 2009

There is good news and bad news, as her dentist, Dr. Villafana, put it.

The good news is that Sandy’s jawbone looks good. (Sandy wears dentures.)

September, 2008 and June and August, 2009:

Sandy had her four wisdom teeth sites, called cavitations, scraped of dead bone and infection in September 2008 and a bovine bone graft, that was put into her upper front jawbone in 2003 (and has integrated into her bone), scraped of abnormal bone granules and an overgrowth of abnormal nerve endings on June 1, 2009 (on the right side) and again on August 28, 2009 (on the left side).

Even though it is causing nerve problems, Dr. Villafana told Sandy it was a good thing Dr. Swan put the graft in when he did and that it was accepted by her body because without it she would have had no bone to support her upper denture.

The bad news is that there is another area with the same problem (an over growth of abnormal nerve endings growing on the bone graft) right in the middle of her upper jawbone (at the site of her upper left front tooth) that Dr. Villafana couldn't get numb, so Sandy must have another oral surgery on September 18, 2009. This time with an anesthesiologist assisting Dr. Villafana.

More bad news is that the swelling and pain that Sandy has been suffering from since her 1997 hysterectomy in her breasts and throughout the rest of her body has gotten worse since these last two oral surgeries involving abnormal nerve growth.

No doctor, dentist, or natural healing practitioner has been able to give Sandy an explanation for why she has this swelling and pain. No remedy has helped for long — not an alkalizing diet, herbs, electrical devices (such as the Zapper), or juicing.

However, we believe we have discovered the answer.

With Dr. Villafana saying her jawbone looks good, but there is trouble with abnormal nerve growth, we suspect Sandy has been having nerve pain radiating from her mouth to the rest of her body since her hysterectomy in November 1997.

Have you ever heard of Internal Shingles? Well, that’s what we believe is causing Sandy’s swelling and pain. It’s a virus and, in Sandy’s case, it has gone systemic.

Scientists call the virus that causes chickenpox/shingles varicella-zoster virusa or the herpesvirus. It hides in the nervous system after an initial infection then, when the person’s immune system is under stress, it travels down nerve cell fibers to cause a renewed infection with excruciating pain.

The first clue Sandy had that she is suffering from Internal Shingles came after she stopped taking two capsules of Immunextra every day. We thought she should take it to combat any bacterial infection she has left in her jawbone, but it turns out it was also helping her to combat the herpesvirus in her nerves.

(Note: I’m taking Immunextra very successfully for keeping a bacterial infection in one of my teeth under control, but who knows, it might be a viral infection. Immunextra is effective against both.)

After taking Immunextra for a couple of months Sandy stopped taking it for awhile — she was away from home for a week visiting with her fiance, Gary, who rented a suite in San Francisco for them — and didn’t take her Immunextra with her and noticed she felt the swelling and pain much more than when she was taking it.

The second clue was after she drank almond-milk puree.

I began using our Vita-Mix to make almond-milk puree. I read about Almonds being excellent for heart health, and since Sandy needed soft, nutritious food after her June 1st surgery and she likes almonds, and helping her heart was okay with her, I made enough almond-milk puree for each of us to drink two cups a day.

Two days after coming home from San Francisco and after two days of drinking the almond-milk puree (and not having started taking Immunextra again) she was in major distress. She hurt so badly she wanted to die. Her body was so swollen and painful she couldn’t believe she could withstand so much pain.

No one knew what was causing her pain. Her body looked like she had gained 50 pounds in two days.

On the third day of both of us drinking almond-milk puree I discovered almonds could be causing her swelling and pain. (By the way, I am still drinking the almond-milk puree every day and enjoying it very much.)

On that third day I was doing research on almonds for my Healthy Heart article and came across the information that almonds are low in L-Lysine and high in L-Arginine and because of that ratio there is a herpes simplex connection.

Then I found an article that mentions Shingles and nuts:

After I told Sandy what I read, she stopped drinking the almond-milk puree and felt a little better the next day. Then, after she mentioned how she felt better when she was taking the Immunextra capsules, she started taking them again and immediately felt even better.

Soon she was better able to control the swelling and pain. She is taking two Immunextra capsules a day and several Twinlab L-Lysine capsules a day.

Also, everything she eats she looks up on the list of L-Lysine and L-Arginine containing foods and avoids eating foods rich in L-Arginine and low in L-Lysine: and/or

She’s also taking two capsules thre times a day of a non-acidic Vitamin C (Country Life “Buffer-C,” pH controlled, 500 mg in each capsule) and that is helping, too.

Looking back, we now understand so much of what we were in the dark about for 48 years: Sandy has had a vicious viral infection that flared up whenever she was under stress since childhood (she had constant, multiple canker sores in her mouth) and we believe it turned into systemic Internal Shingles causing excruciating pain and swelling of her breasts and body in 1997 when she had her hysterectomy.

Sandy can’t believe she looks so healthy and normal and feels such horrible pain. We’ve lived together for most of her life and I know she is telling the truth. There were only two outward signs of her not being as healthy as my other two children, (1) The discoloration of her second teeth at the gum line that we were told when they came in was caused by her taking Tetracycline when she was three years old, “Tetracycline may cause harm to an unborn infant or developing child under the age of 8.” You can read more about Tetracycline and why it’s not safe for children under the age of eight at this site, and,

(2) the hairline fractures of her teeth that I saw at the dentist’s office after she had a swimming pool accident when she was eight years old, which her osteomyelitis doctor believes was the beginning of her osteomyelitis of the jawbone and was caused by taking Tetracycline when she was three.

The doctor who prescribed Tetracycline for Sandy for a severe case of diarrhea when she was three years old may have saved her life then, but he also caused her a lifetime of pain and suffering. It led to: discolored teeth, brittle teeth, long, thin tooth roots, fractured teeth, the need for huge fillings in her deteriorating, fractured teeth (ignorantly, they were mercury amalgams), bacterial and viral infections in her teeth that slowly destroyed her jawbone, a viral infection of the nerves in her mouth that caused constant, multiple canker sores in her mouth throughout her childhood and young adulthood, the pain every month of endometriosis from age 13 to 36, three endometriosis surgeries, a hysterectomy at age 36, losing one tooth after another due to the roots splitting, osteomyelitis of the jawbone, loss of all her teeth, bone grafts in her jawbone so she could/can wear dentures, complications from the bone grafts (one bone graft died and became infected in her lower back jawbone because it didn’t “take,” and the dead bovine bone wrapped itself around her nerves and only Dr. Villafana was willing to take the time to remove it (three American dentists said they might paralyze her face if they tried to remove it), multiple oral surgeries to remove infected and dead bone from her jawbone, an oral surgery to remove a piece of tooth root left in her upper jaw bone for three years after her teeth were extracted (in the exact same area where the worst batch of abnormal nerve endings were seen by Dr. Villafana on June 1st that he could not touch because the area would not get numb even after multiple novocaine injections), two oral surgeries to remove abnormal bone granules and nerve endings growing on bone grafts that “took,” and another oral surgery scheduled — with anesthesia — for removal of the worst batch of abnormal nerve endings he has seen so far.

After figuring out what not to eat and taking two Immunextra capsules every day Sandy was still swollen and in pain, but not anywhere near as bad as she was when she stopped taking Immunexta and drank almond-milk puree.

Armed with new insight into her pain, Sandy made an appointment with the pain specialist who got her off Vicodin (for pain) and Klonopin (for anxiety), to ask if he knew of anything non-addicting that would help reduce her Shingles pain.

At the appointment, when we told him about her experience with the almonds and her history with canker sores in her mouth, and that we thought she is suffering from Internal Shingles, he immediately said that she doesn’t have Shingles. He said Shingles only attack one nerve on one side of the body and cause a row of blisters. Sandy showed him some healing blisters she had on the bottom of her foot (they came when she drank the almond puree), and told him again about her excruciating breast pain and swelling (he’d heard about it before but never had an explanation).

Then, out of the blue, he said, he didn’t really know if it was Shingles or not, pulled out his prescription pad and wrote a prescription for Gabapentin. When we looked it up on the Internet we found: “Gabapentin is approved for treating seizure disorders and nerve damage from herpes zoster (shingles, postherpetic neuralgia).”

So, Sandy is taking Gabapentin and it is helping to control her swelling and pain! She is so happy to have it until she gets her oral surgery on the 18th. After that she is looking forward to being able to control the virus with just diet and Immunextra.

We are praying that when Dr. Villafana removes the abnormal nerve endings (he’s going to cauterize them) at her upper left front tooth site, all of her oral surgeries will be over and she will be able to keep the Internal Shingles in remission for the rest of her life.

Love, Bonnie

The information in this publication is general information provided for educational or reference purposes only and is not a substitute for professional care.

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