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May 7, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

I had my hair cut yesterday by my hair stylist, Julee, who I've seen every month for the past 28 years and mentioned how much better the skin on the back of my hands looks and she immediately agreed (the back of my hands used to have several seborrheic keratoses — benign marks — redness and just an unhealthy look). She has been listening to my chickpea story for six months... she's healthy but always remembers everything her customers tell her and passes info on to whoever she thinks might be interested (she'll be 50 July 5th — I met her when she was 22).

Dale, Sandy, Julee and I all agree that if the skin on the outside of my body is improving, the skin on the inside must be improving as well (colon, arteries, veins, liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, etc.).

Here’s another sign that things are improving internally: I can see on my thighs that two patches of red spider veins that I’ve had for 59 years (since I was pregnant with my son) have faded away to nothing, but two smaller (two inches long each) blue spider veins have not.

Along with all the health benefits we have been noticing Sandy and I are also having mild healing crises (pain in various parts of our bodies for a day or two, but no fever). Also, whenever Sandy and I are feeling these pains, we have been sleeping four to five extra hours a day.

Healing crises are very mysterious. In January I got a pain in my left cheek that lasted for four days. It was so painful I went to my dentist on the 4th day. Xrays showed no problem with my teeth and the pain was gone by the time I got home!

I learned about healing crises in November 1982 when I was at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico as a helper for a friend who had cancer (I was following the Gerson therapy to get rid of my allergies). While there I attended lectures given by doctors and former cancer patients about healing crises (the doctors rang bells and cheered when one of the cancer patients had a healing crisis). I experienced a mild healing crisis at the clinic and a severe healing crisis after I got home…

After six weeks (four at the clinic and two at home) of eating a strict vegan diet, drinking 13 eight ounce glasses of specially prepared (using a Norwalk juicer/press machine) vegetable juice a day and four ounces of liver juice (made by juicing and pressing baby organic beef liver) mixed with one of the carrot juices once a day, and taking two to three coffee enemas a day, I got a fever and a pain in my lower abdomen that lasted longer than three days and I ended up going to the emergency room at Stanford Hospital.

I knew what was wrong, but the doctors wanted to operate right away. I told them I didn’t need surgery, I was in a healing crisis that was brought on by following a diet to cure cancer. Well, that went over like a lead balloon. But, they allowed me to wait until the next day and I allowed them to admit me (I was married to Frank O’Sullivan then and had hospital coverage under his job at Honeywell).

That night Frank brought me a thermos of fresh, homemade carrot juice that he made after work and my enema bucket.

I wasn’t supposed to have anything by mouth (they had me hooked up to an IV giving me fluids as they said I was dehydrated), but I drank the carrot juice and took two coffee enemas (Frank brought the coffee in another thermos). The nurses who were in and out of my room all night never noticed the enema bucket sitting on my table!

Anyway, the next day was December 16th, my 46th birthday, and when the doctors came to see me my fever had gone down and I was pain free. They discharged me and I walked home to our house in Belmont as happy as I’ve ever been in my life — I knew the diet had healed me. (Frank was at work and when I called to tell him my good news I assured him I could walk and carry everything with no problem.)

This is what I believe happened: I had my tubes tied in December 1979 and the surgeon recommended I have a hysterectomy as my lab report showed I had “unhealthy tissue” removed during the operation. I felt perfectly fine, so I refused a hysterectomy. I believe the “unhealthy tissue” was what that healing crisis — three years later — healed.

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