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April 9, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

Sandy was given a clean bill of health (no sign of the tumor growing back) by her cancer doctor one year after her second surgery to remove a melanoma tumor from her sinus. She is scheduled to see him every six months.

Now Sandy has two chickpeas going (one on each leg) as she watched a YouTube video about another woman with cancer using two.

The swelling Sandy has had in the lymph glands in her breasts for 20 years (since she had a complete hysterectomy in 1997) is much less and it got even better when she started the second chickpea.

Every time Sandy changes the chickpeas she gives a big sigh and says removing the old ones makes her feel much better. Dr. Ashkar writes: “Discoloration and swelling around the wound, severe pain and bad odor are all normal, do not panic, all will go away as recuperation progresses. It will take time, be patient.”

On the subject of bad odor: Sandy smelled a strong bad odor for a few days in March. She said it smelled exactly like the amalgam fillings she worked with (preparing them and cleaning up the equipment after the dentist placed them in his patient’s mouth) when she was a dentist’s assistant in 1985. Her NIA therapy must have eliminated the mercury she has been storing in her body ever since.

Sandy has also been having severe pain in and around her wounds and flu-like feelings and pain throughout her body that comes and goes. She often thinks about giving up and allowing the wounds to heal. To do that she will follow Dr. Ashkar’s directions: “To terminate the treatment continue the process as you were doing every day. The last chickpea has to be removed and the wound kept empty, but replacement of cabbage and absorbing paper must be continued for many days until the wound heals by itself. If there is too much infection around the wound, healing will take a little bit longer, until all the infection comes out completely, or treat it as a common wound with an antibacterial medicine.”

We are very thankful someone told us about Dr. Ashkar’s NIA therapy. In my case, I’ve been noticing improvements all over my body. My arthritis is gone (I can get up off the bathroom floor when taking my coffee enemas quicker and easier than before), I can hear certain (high pitched) sounds now that I couldn’t before, my “slight” macular degeneration in my right eye has improved as I see no wavy lines on the Amsler grid any more, and the skin on my legs has no more white spots.

The white spots were caused by my kidneys not getting rid of toxins fast enough. It started when I took a special, new mineral supplement in the 80’s, which was inorganic and my body couldn’t get rid of it fast enough by the normal pathways. I had been taking a chelated mineral supplement for many years with no adverse effects, but this “special” mineral supplement was rejected by my body so quickly that within a week of taking it every day I had white spots all over my legs and arms and even on my face.

I quickly stopped taking the new mineral supplement and my face cleared up, but several of the spots stayed on my legs. Years later when talking to Dr. Kelley one day, I told him about the white spots and asked if he had ever heard of them. He hadn’t, but after searching through numerous medical reference books he finally found a description of exactly what I described to him. He found it in an old nurse’s handbook and it said the cause is: the kidneys are over loaded and the excess debris the kidney’s are responsible for eliminating is being pushed out of the body through the skin.

I tried not taking any mineral supplements for months, but since taking those mineral capsules back in the 80s I’ve always had a few white spots on my thighs. Dr. Kelley recommended I only take minerals that are from plants and eventually I found a sea vegetable mineral supplement that I take daily, which made no increase in the amount of my white spots. Dr. Ashkar writes that we don’t need to take vitamins and minerals or even eat organic foods, but I cannot bring myself to give up my regimen of taking vitamins, minerals, various amino acids, drinking only distilled water, showering with filtered water, and eating as little non-organic food as possible because I believe all of the above have kept me drug-free for 80 years.

Anyway, since starting NIA therapy the spots have disappeared (they gradually got more and more shallow and then they were gone). In reference to Dr. Kelley’s nurse’s handbook, my kidneys got sore for a day in January and then again for another day in February, so that pain may have been a healing crisis to repair the damage caused to my kidneys back in the 80s by those “new” mineral capsules).

Now maybe I’ll live longer. At least I won’t be worried about having kidney disease (my grandfather died of kidney failure and my dad died of kidney cancer).

We are planning to stay on the NIA therapy until our wounds are no longer producing pus and infected blood and the color of the wound is normal and we feel better, which signals that there are no more toxins.

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