Polyp Scheduled for Removed From Sinus

When antibiotics did not clear up Sandy's sinus infection and/or the bloody mass in her sinus her doctor sent her to have a CT scan of her sinuses. The scan showed a mass (polyp or cyst) in her right sinus and Sandy was referred to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist.

Sandy is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday morning (December 17, 2013) with her ENT doctor. She and I spent all day Friday at the doctor's office in Oakland and at the hospital, up the street from the doctor's office, getting her pre-op check-up and an EKG taken and her blood drawn.

The doctor said if there is any infected bone in her sinuses he will remove it. The operation is supposed to be just for the removal of a polyp, but, once he is in there he will do whatever needs to be done. (He told us what he has had to do in other cases: go in through the mouth and up numberswiki.com

to the sinuses to remove infected bone.)

She will have packing in her sinuses for three days, and she has to go back to see the doctor the next day for a post-op check-up and again on the 26th.

Until Tuesday of last week, when she finished her fourth course of antibiotics, she had been taking very strong antibiotics for six weeks and the doctor told her not to begin taking her refill as he wants to send the polyp out to be cultured and, if she were still taking the antibiotics at the time of the surgery, the culture would not give a true result.

As soon as she stopped taking the antibiotic she felt sick again (she has a pounding feeling in her sinuses and face and a dull headache) but, when she is taking the antibiotic she feels like she is on the verge of having diarrhea all the time and has to remember to keep taking pro-biotics to keep from having it.


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