Pain in Tooth Sockets 21 through 23

Sandy is much better than she was when she came to live with us eight and a half years ago. Even one year ago. But it seems like the closer she is to getting her jawbone free of infection and dead bone, the little bit that's left is able to let her know it’s there loud and clear.

She has been having pain in her jawbone at tooth sockets 21 through 23 (bottom left of her jawbone near the front) and it radiates up the side of her head across the top of her head and down the back of her head into her neck and down into her torso and breasts. The headaches this causes makes her nauseous (coffee enemas, eating soft foods three times a day, and taking two aspirins a day are all helping her cope).

The sharp, stabbing pains have gone from her breasts since her last oral surgery on September 18th, which was to remove abnormal nerve endings growing out of a bone graft at tooth socket number nine (for which she had to be put to sleep).

However, her breasts are still swollen and they hurt and her back hurts — and the pain is excruciating whenever she does anything that causes her to move her arms like cook. She loves to cook and it infuriates her when she can only bear to stand in the kitchen for a half hour at a time.

So she is going to have another oral surgery on Tuesday, November 18, 2009.

Her doctor who diagnosed her as having osteomyelitis of the jaw (infection of the jawbone) and osteonecrosis of the jaw (death of a section of the jawbone) in 2001 has told her many times that this condition is chronic, hard to treat, difficult to have, and is rarely cured.

But, judging by how healthy her jawbone looks everywhere Dr. Villafana has removed infected and dead bone in the past five years, and that he has not removed any from tooth sockets 21 through 23, we think after this surgery Sandy has a better than good chance to recover completely.

About the Author Bonnie O'Sullivan

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