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March 5, 2014 Cancer Update: UCSF Recommends Radiation Treatments for Sandy’s Sinus

UCSF recommends radiation treatments for Sandy's sinus.

After researching radiation treatments for the prevention of melanoma returning to her sinus Sandy has decided to refuse them.

She will reevaluate her decision after having her next PET/CT scan in May 2014.

PS As of June 2017 Sandy has never had another PET/CT scan. In December 2015 she went back to Dr. Drury office because of sinus pain and he discovered that her tumor had grown back even larger than before. In January 2016 Dr. Drury removed another melanoma tumor from her right sinus. At a follow up appointment in April 2017 Dr. Drury could find no sign of the tumor. He still recommended another PET/CT scan, but at that time she decided not to have another one because, even if it showed the melanoma had metastasized, she was not going to under go radiation or chemotherapy.


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