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March 4, 2018 Feedback from Reader Prevents Pain and Infection after Sinus Surgery

The following is a texting conversation that helped Sandy continue using the Neti pot as directed by her surgeon (several times a day at first and then, after a few days, gradually cut down to once a day). After March 8th she will only use the Neti pot once a week. This regime was recommended to prevent scarring and the need for more surgery to remove a scar that blocks breathing.

Tina: Careful of overusing Neti pot and destroying beneficial flora. It happens.

Bonnie: Thanks for the feedback. I looked up how to get probiotics into your sinuses and one site said to empty a probiotic capsule into the Neti Pot along with the saline solution! So, thank you for alerting us to that. Sandy will start doing that today! She is also taking capsules of probiotics twice a day. Someone recommended anti-fungal rinses to deter the tumor from growing back and said he uses grapefruit seed extract. I found a spray by Nutribiotic and a Neti-wash plus by Himalayan Chandra that both contain grapefruit seed extract but she hasn’t tried either yet. She should have been doing all of this after her previous two tumor surgeries, but her surgeon (at the time) did not instruct her to use salt water sprays or the Neti pot with salt water immediately after surgery (much less to use antifungals to deter the tumor from growing back!).

Tina: I have that same grapefruit seed extract. It is very strong. And my masseuse overused her Neto pot and used oregano extract to get her sinus back in shape. Be careful! The oregano and grapefruit seed extract will burn right now. I would use very mild saline only. But NOT twice a day. That will imbalance the flora.

Bonnie: Yea Tina!!! Sandy just did her Neti pot rinse and we added the contents of one probiotic capsule to the saline solution and she is so happy! She kept complaining about an awful taste in her mouth after using the Neti pot the last few days and now after she did the rinse, she said that taste is gone. She thinks it meant that she had an infection started. She got green specked mucus out this time. Wow, I can’t thank you enough. She will wait to use the oregano or grapefruit seed extract products in the rinses until she has healed a lot more. Thanks for the warning.

Tina: Yay!!!!!

Bonnie: Sandy says her pain is less too! She is so thankful you wrote to me, that you had the time today, and that I’ve been including you in my texting to family members. She is so happy now! My God, could the pain be helped with probiotic rinses? I’ve been frantic trying to get her on the right pain medication!

Tina: That's so great! I'm glad to be on the family list too. When my hands are chapped and painful I "wash" them with plain yogurt and the pain goes away! I wash the dog's sore paws and he seems happy too. My scalp likes it too! So simple of a thing.

Bonnie: Yes, just ingesting it is not enough. END

Note: The probiotic capsules we take contain Bacillus Coagulans and are called FloraG capsules. This probiotic is a spore, which is encapsulated, which makes it very hardy. It can withstand heat, digestive juices, and salt. Salt is like an antibiotic as it kills everything, which is why processed foods contain so much of it.

Note: The above texting conversation took place over several hours on February 28, 2018. I waited until today to post it to be sure Sandy"s unpleasant symptoms from using the Neti pot would continue to be alleviated by adding the contents of one FloraG capsule to the cup of Neti pot salt water. For the past five days, as she continues to use the Neti pot daily, Sandy has not complained once since adding the FloraG about a nasty taste in her mouth or of pain in her sinuses after using the Neti Pot! No sign of infection (green mucus) either!

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