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February 27, 2018 Neti Pot Sinus Rinses Continue

Sandy didn’t go to her appointment on February 23rd (she called and said she couldn’t make it, so now she has one on March 30th). She didn’t want any more trauma done to her sinus. She is using the Neti Pot twice a day with the salt packets. Rinsing with salt water is all the doctor said to do, so she feels she is doing okay. She is taking 2 Serrapeptase tablets three times a day to prevent scar tissue from forming (it also helps reduce mucus and I have been taking 2 three times a day for 10 years because without it I have excess mucus and always have -- my grammar school teachers always gave me permission to leave the room when I had to blow my nose!!!). Also, I just ordered Sandy 4 Sole Serum tubes that I saw on The View today. They contain Lidocaine and are used for helping people wear high heels for three hours. You put 3 drops on the soles of your feet, rub it in, let it dry, put on your heels and away you go -- pain-free for three hours! Sandy is still having pain in her face, especially after eating and/or using the Neti Pot. Maybe the drops will help as Lidocaine was the only pain medication that helped after her surgery. I hope it works.

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