Denture Alignment All That Was Needed

Today is Thanksgiving and the thing I'm most thankful for is that Sandy didn't need surgery last week after all.

We drove to San Ysidro on the Mexico border on Monday, November 16th, and took the shuttle into Tijuana to see Dr. Villafana on Tuesday, but he thought all she needed was her dentures adjusted (he showed us how completely out of alinement her dentures were after he examined her bite and marked the places where her dentures were not meeting as they should).

He also spent over an hour with us explaining Sandy's MRI that was taken in September and, on a light box, carefully pointed out all the pictures where her jawbone looks healthy and solid -- even at the area where Sandy thought there must be more infection because it was so painful and "soft" to the touch.

Then he spent another hour working on her dentures and made them fit perfectly. He sent us home warning us that it would take at least three days before Sandy's headaches and body aches would diminish because it takes time for the adjustment to correct the alinement of all the bones connected to the jawbone. (We understood because Sandy had cranial adjustments -- back in 2002 when she didn't have teeth or dentures for nine months because of the amount of surgeries she was having at the time.

It took more than three days (about a week), but now she is feeling much better and feeling very positive about her future.

About the Author Bonnie O'Sullivan

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