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Comparing an MMS Healing Crisis to a Gerson Cancer Therapy Healing Crisis (aka A Herxheimer’s Reaction)

Comparing an MMS Healing Crisis to a Gerson Cancer Therapy Healing Crisis (aka A Herxheimer's Reaction)

By Bonnie O'Sullivan, Sandra's Mom

First, I want to assure you that with either method if you are feeling pain anywhere in your body while taking MMS or while on the Gerson Cancer Therapy you can feel confident that your body is healing something from your past that it did not completely heal previously. You may not remember what caused the problem, but your body always knows what needs attention. You may even think something else should be healed first, but your body will do its healing in the order that it knows is best.

When taking MMS and you feel discomfort you can and should immediately cut down on the amount of MMS you are taking or, if you are feeling too ill to continue, you can stop taking the drops for a few days. In one to three days your body will have stopped trying to heal the area and when you feel up to it, you may begin again.

If you are seriously ill it may take more than 21 days of 3 drops every hour for 8 hours a day of MMS1 and/or the addition of DMSO drops and/or the addition of MMS2 capsules.

While on the Gerson Cancer Therapy you are not encouraged to stop a healing crisis. It is celebrated! You are encouraged to keep drinking the organic vegetable juice (13 eight ounce glasses daily) and eating Vegan food. It is recommended to double the number of coffee enemas you take daily. You will need one or more educated helpers.

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