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Advanced Bionutritionals’ Perfect Amino Tablets and/or Powder — The Perfect Tool to Help Heal Your Body

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series MMS Miracle

My Healing Experience Using Advanced Bionutritionals’ Perfect Amino Tablets

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy’s Mom (Age 82)

On February 4, 2019, I began taking Perfect Amino tablets. I read about them in an article in The Journal of Anti-Aging Research by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD.

Dr. Shallenberger writes: We all know proteins are made up of amino acids. Eight amino acids are essential because we have to get them from our diet. But what we don’t all know is that the eight essential amino acids have to be in the right balance. Because if they are not balanced correctly we may end up with too much of one and not enough of another.

He explains the concept with this analogy: Imagine you own a bicycle factory. And imagine you had plenty of handlebars and seats and frames, but you only had one pair of tires. Well, it doesn’t matter how many of the other parts you have; if you only have one pair of tires, you can only make one bicycle! The rest of the parts go to waste.

The Great Whey Protein Hoax

If you take whey protein powder to build muscle, I have some news that may surprise you. Research shows that most of the protein in whey powder does not build muscles… and may actually be making you fat!

Here’s the story:

Whenever you consume any kind of protein, some of that protein is used by your body to build muscle, and some of it is turned into glucose to burn for energy.

How much of it is used for muscle and how much is turned into glucose? Well, that depends on what kind of protein you’re taking.

Scientists have studied all the types of dietary protein and measured how much of the protein is utilized by the body. And what they’ve found is that whey is one of the worst protein sources. In fact, only 17% of whey protein is utilized by the body, and the other 83% is turned into sugar!

But here’s good news:

There is a protein source that is 99% usable by the body: PerfectAmino tablets. People who consumePerfectAmino tablets are reporting greater muscle mass, less fat, thicker skin and nails, and more...

Perfect Amino tablets provide 99% of perfectly balanced amino acids that are used by your body to make proteins — and they are Vegan.

Dr. Shallenberger writes that the average person loses 30% of their muscle mass by the time they’re 60. But thanks to the perfectly balanced amino acids in Advanced Bionutritionals’ Perfect Amino tablets, you can stay strong and independent as you age — and even have more muscle than you did when you were younger — without exercising!

By taking Perfect Amino tablets you can not only get your youthful muscle mass back, you can improve your digestion (digestive enzymes are made of protein), strengthen your bones to protect yourself from fractures, lose weight and keep it off, get younger-looking skin and hair, improve your endurance, support better mental concentration and a better mood (hormones are made of protein), boost your immunity to fight infections (antibodies are made of protein), help alleviate food sensitivity symptoms, and gain an overall sense of health and vitality.

If you’re protein-deficient, it stands to reason that you would not make enough digestive enzymes. That means that you would not digest your food properly. This would make you even more protein-deficient… which would lead to even lower enzyme production. And so on.

There is also a Perfect Amino powder. On 2/13/19 Sandy and I stopped taking the tablets and started taking the powder (we ordered it a few days after we received the tablets). We didn’t like the strong citrus taste but when we diluted it with 20 ounces of distilled water it was okay (it dissolves quickly when stirred with a spoon). However, it irritated my stomach and Sandy complained that her kidneys hurt after the second day, so we plan to return it (you may return Advanced Bionutritionals products within 90 days of purchase).

Perfect Amino Powder Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine HCl, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Tryptophan) 5 Grams. Other ingredients Malic Acid, Mixed Berry Flavor (Natural), Citric Acid, Stevia Extract, Sunflower Lecithin.

My History: Ever since I gave birth to my first child, my son, Bill, on December 14, 1957 (two days before my 21st birthday — 61 years ago) I have had to get up every night every two hours to pee.

And lately, I’ve been sleeping too much. By my 82nd birthday in December 2018, I was sleeping 10 to 12 hours at a time (mostly during the day as my days and nights were reversed).

This all changed within a week of taking five Perfect Amino tablets a day!

The afternoon of the day the Perfect Amino tablets arrived I took 5 tablets on an empty stomach (you take them either 1/2 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating).

The next morning I got up and was amazed at feeling more energetic than usual.

Since the second day, I’ve had more endurance and had to try not to overdo things!

Since the third day, I’ve gotten sleepy and gone to bed between 10 pm and 12 am.

Since the fourth day I’ve been sleeping between 7 to 8 hours at night, and only getting up once to pee (once after two hours and not again until I wake up in the morning!).

Therefore, I believe, my body, after 61 years, was finally able to heal my pregnancy-damaged kidneys with the Perfect Amino tablets.

Sandy’s Healing Experiences Using Perfect Amino Tablets and Powder

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy’s Mom

Since February 4, 2019, Sandy (57) has been taking five Perfect Amino tablets every day and reports that the pain in the roof of her mouth from her third surgery to remove a melanoma tumor from her left sinus area one year ago has disappeared.

The swelling in the roof of her mouth had gotten so much better after taking MMS1 for six months that on January 28, 2019, she had new dentures made. But, even with dentures that fit perfectly, she was still having pain in the roof of her mouth after eating.

Since she began taking five Perfect Amino tablets daily, all of her pain has gradually faded away. Even the pains throughout her body that have been moving around from one area to another since August when she began taking MMS1 have also disappeared.

For the past five days, she has been eating her meals with absolutely no pain for the first time in 17 years (the last of her teeth were removed in December 2001 and, until September 2009, she had infected and dead bone removed multiple times from her jawbone and the roof of her mouth).

Sandy is continuing to take three to six drops of MMS1 daily as a maintenance dose to flush out toxins from wherever they are stored in her body.

Another major change in Sandy's health is that a week after she began taking the Perfect Aminos, her chickpea wounds gradually began to show signs of healing. So, yesterday, February 14, 2019, after having two chickpeas in her legs (one in each leg), for two years and 3½ months, she decided to remove them.

[Sandy intended to keep the chickpeas in her legs until they either showed signs of healing or for two years after her February 8, 2018, sinus surgery (which will be February 8, 2020) because twice before it took the melanoma tumor two years to grow back.]

Over the four days between the morning of February 11 and the evening of February 14, the chickpea wound in her left leg began trying to grow a mucousy film over the chickpea and the chickpea began to get more and more difficult to remove, and the wound in her right leg began to get more and more shallow.

We recognized both of these reactions as signs of the wounds trying to heal because of my experience having a chickpea in my left leg.

On November 1, 2016, both Sandy and I placed a chickpea in our left legs to help our bodies remove toxins and also stimulate our immune systems, which would help our bodies to heal whatever needed to be healed (after watching a video a few days later of a person with cancer who had two chickpeas Sandy placed a chickpea in her right leg).

After seven months (November 2016 to June 2017) of having a chickpea in my left leg, my wound tried to heal itself in both of the ways Sandy’s two wounds tried to heal.

At first, my wound tried growing a mucousy film over the chickpea, which I didn't realize was a sign of healing so I just scraped away the mucus and replaced the chickpea. Then, a few days later, the wound became more and more shallow until I finally realized it was trying to push the chickpea out and heal the wound. After I took the chickpea out and covered the wound with a square of cabbage and covered it all with a large bandaid (and repeated doing that every 12 hours), the wound formed a scab in a few days and healed.

So, after having chickpeas in two wounds (one on each leg) from November 2016 to February 2019, Sandy removed the chickpeas and placed cabbage squares over the wounds and large bandaids over them. In a few days, they will form a scab and heal.

Order your Perfect Amino Tablets or Powder: https://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/perfectamino

If you would like more information about Perfect Amino tablets and powder please watch a video of Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. David Minkoff discussing frequently asked questions about Perfect Amino you will find it by going to https://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/perfectamino and scrolling down to the picture, and clicking on it.

Note: We recommend anyone contemplating having a root canal procedure to watch: Root Cause — It is a feature-length documentary based on one man's extraordinary true story — a 10 year long journey to find the underlying cause of his panic attacks, and other chronic illnesses, that becomes an exposé of the dental root canal procedure's harmful health risks. Watch on Netflix or purchase from Amazon.

Root Cause hits close to home for us as Sandy’s dental and health journey has been very similar.

Comparing an MMS Healing Crisis to a Gerson Cancer Therapy Healing Crisis (aka A Herxheimer’s Reaction)

This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series MMS Miracle

Comparing an MMS Healing Crisis to a Gerson Cancer Therapy Healing Crisis (aka A Herxheimer's Reaction)

By Bonnie O'Sullivan, Sandra's Mom

First, I want to assure you that with either method if you are feeling pain anywhere in your body while taking MMS or while on the Gerson Cancer Therapy you can feel confident that your body is healing something from your past that it did not completely heal previously. You may not remember what caused the problem, but your body always knows what needs attention. You may even think something else should be healed first, but your body will do its healing in the order that it knows is best.

When taking MMS and you feel discomfort you can and should immediately cut down on the amount of MMS you are taking or, if you are feeling too ill to continue, you can stop taking the drops for a few days. In one to three days your body will have stopped trying to heal the area and when you feel up to it, you may begin again.

If you are seriously ill it may take more than 21 days of 3 drops every hour for 8 hours a day of MMS1 and/or the addition of DMSO drops and/or the addition of MMS2 capsules.

While on the Gerson Cancer Therapy you are not encouraged to stop a healing crisis. It is celebrated! You are encouraged to keep drinking the organic vegetable juice (13 eight ounce glasses daily) and eating Vegan food. It is recommended to double the number of coffee enemas you take daily. You will need one or more educated helpers.


This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series MMS Miracle

An·ti·ox·i·dant: Something that can neutralize free radicals; an agent that inhibits oxidation (free radicals); one of many chemical substances including some natural body products that can neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances: Vitamins C and E, phytochemicals/phytonutrients (caroteniods and polyphenols) and minerals (copper, selenium, manganese, iron, and zinc) and the foods that contain them.

What are the best ways to stop free radicals from forming? By taking antioxidant vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals and eating the foods that contain them.

The best sources of Vitamin C: Fruits, veggies, and grains. The best sources of Vitamin E: Oils, because Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, meat, and beans. The three best sources of the beta carotenoids: Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and cooked spinach. The four best sources of antioxidant minerals: Meat, seafood, grains, and beans.

How do plants make antioxidants? Plants produce seeds and package them with enough nourishment to keep them viable until they can begin to grow and gather nutrients on their own. Along with nourishment comes an army of substances (antioxidant phytochemicals/phytonutrients) designed to protect the plants against attacks, whether from insects, animals or the oxidizing rays of the sun.

What are some causes of oxidation (free radicals)? Too much sun, smoking, air pollution, radiation, inflammation, metabolism (exercise). (Note: When we exercise, we cause an increase in oxidation in our body, however, by eating a good diet and taking antioxidant vitamins and minerals, we increase our antioxidants and balance out the oxidation.).

Note: When taking MMS (an oxidant), whether before or during the 21-day start-up regime or during regular maintenance doses thereafter, I recommend that you take vitamins and minerals two hours after you take your last MMS drops for the day.

MMS1 Dissolving “Reservoirs of Infection” May Be The Cause of Sandy’s Severe Healing Reaction

This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series MMS Miracle

When you are removing disease and/or toxins from your body using MMS1 you will experience pains (“Herxheimer’s Reactions” or “Healing Reactions”) that come and go. These are temporary symptoms that occur as the body heals at a deep level. Reactions, when they occur, are almost always mild, but sometimes can be severe.

The more toxic the body is, the more drastic the detoxification, and the more intense the reaction. If you have not had any major health problems or surgeries (necessary or elective) throughout your life, your reactions will usually be mild.

I have been taking MMS1 along with Sandy since August 5, 2018, and since I’ve been relatively healthy throughout my 81 years, I have only experienced mild Herxheimer's Reactions. These consisted of a pain in one and then the other of my hips while walking, which went away as I kept walking. This kept happening on and off the whole time I was on the 21 days of MMS1. My improvements are that I no longer feel stiff and sore when I get out of the car after a long car ride (an hour or more), my resting oxygen level is now 98 instead of 90 as it was before taking MMS1, and a tooth that was sensitive to sugar before is now fine. (I’m now on the Maintenance dose of 6 drops of MMS1 every day.)

In the case of having a severe reaction, as Sandy did (an angry red rash and severe pain in her back), it helps (by easing your mind) if you understand what your body may be healing and/or eliminating.

In Sandy’s case, her doctor recently told her the name of the bone fragments that have been constantly coming out of her gums for the past 17 years: “sequestra” (see below)

[Note: This is the same doctor who, in September 2001 (after she had all her teeth extracted and needed multiple bone scraping surgeries to remove infected and dead bone), diagnosed her as having osteomyelitis/osteonecrosis of the jaw caused by being prescribed tetracycline (for diarrhea) before her second teeth came in.]

[Note: A sequestrum (plural: sequestra) is a piece of dead bone that has become separated during the process of necrosis from normal or sound bone. The pathological definition usually refers to a complication of osteomyelitis and represents devascularisation of a portion of bone with necrosis and resorption of surrounding bone leaving a 'floating' piece. The sequestrum acts as a reservoir for infection and as it is avascular (characterized by or associated with a lack of blood vessels) is not penetrated by antibiotics.]

Without knowing about “sequestra” Sandy would not know that her healing reactions from taking MMS1 are probably the bone fragments being dissolved and eliminated from her body. (In 2014 Sandy asked her cancer surgeon if he would send some of the bone fragments to a Laboratory to find out what they consisted of and he did, but the Lab said there wasn't enough material to be diagnosed.) [Note: Neither doctor could suggest a method to stop the bone fragments from constantly coming out of her gums.]

After learning their name and its meaning and noticing that she was having fewer bone fragments working themselves out of her gums after taking MMS1 at 3 drops every hour for 8 hours a day for 16 days, she began taking MMS1+ (the + means DMSO is added — DMSO naturally has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to help bring MMS1 deeper into the body). Since adding DMSO, the bone fragments have become even smaller in size and do not appear every day.

Since she began to take MMS1, Sandy feels happy when she wakes up in the morning, her body is less swollen, her dentures fit better, she feels more energetic, she is not afraid that she will never feel healthy again as she has for the past 21 years, she has stopped craving sugar and other carbohydrates (this means MMS1 is balancing the bacteria in her intestines — her microbiome — because MMS1 kills bad bacteria but does not harm good bacteria), her ears have stopped constantly draining a clear liquid that irritated her ear canal, her breathing is much deeper (her resting oxygen level increased from 95 to 98), and her feet have softened around the edges where hard callouses were before.

After Sandy had her severe Herxheimer’s Reaction, she began to take 3 coffee enemas a day, stopped taking MMS1 for one day, reduced the MMS1 drops to 1/16th of a drop every hour, 8 hours a day for 3 days and gradually increased the amount to 3 drops and, at the one-drop level, began adding equal amounts of DMSO (after adding 4 ounces of distilled water) to the activated MMS1. From the day she stopped taking the MMS1 for one day, the rash and pain in her back gradually disappeared and have stayed away.

Beginning at the 3 drop level, Sandy has gone through several mild Herxheimer’s Reactions. First, she had a pain in her right hand for two days and could not use the hand! Then she had a pain in her left ankle for one day. Then the pain was in her right shoulder for another day, then her left shoulder. Today she has a mild pain and a rash under her left breast (we put Neosporin ointment on it and that helped with the pain).

Sandy says none of these pains have been as bad as the pain in her back, and since fewer bone fragments indicate she is gradually getting rid of the "reservoirs of infection" in her gums, she has continued to take 3 drops of MMS1+ every hour, 8 hours a day (and 3 coffee enemas a day) and plans to continue doing so until all the pains stop and she is no longer getting bone fragments out of her gums.

My Experience With A Serious Healing Crisis

by Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy’s mother

In November 1982 I spent a month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. I went there as a companion of a friend.

At the clinic, I chose to go on the allergy diet, which is the same as the cancer diet. We drank 13 glasses of fresh (not more than 5 minutes old), organic juice daily (one glass was fruit juice, three glasses consisted of 4 ounces of raw, organic calves liver juice mixed with 4 ounces of carrot juice, three were green juice, and the rest were pure carrot juice. The staff ground and pressed the liver fresh three times a day. All the juice was made with a stainless steel Norwalk juicer and press (the press is used so more juice can be pressed out of the pulp by putting it into cloth bags and pressing it electronically).

The green juice was the worst tasting stuff imaginable. It made me gag. We had all the fresh organic fruit we could eat every day. And we were served three full vegan meals daily that did not contain flour products.

Every 4 hours during the day we took coffee enemas made with distilled water (at the Gerson Clinic everyone drank and used distilled water only).

Soon after we arrived we heard bells ringing and an announcement was given over a loudspeaker (one was in every hallway) that another patient was in a "healing crisis," which they were celebrating!

In 5 days I had a healing crisis that caused a fever that lasted 24 hours (we took coffee enemas every 2 hours all day and night when we were in a healing crisis). After that, I seemed to be finished with healing reactions.

However, after 6 weeks on the diet (I continued to follow the diet at home for two weeks after leaving the clinic), I had a major healing crisis.

I had my tubes tied in 1978 (in England where I was living at the time) and at my post-surgery follow-up appointment the English surgeon advised me to have a hysterectomy as soon as possible because the lab reported that my tissue sample showed “unhealthy tissue.” I refused to have a hysterectomy and the tubal ligation incision healed with no sign of an incomplete healing.

So when I got a fever and my lower abdomen was tender at the site of the incision, I immediately thought that this healing crisis must be a healing of that “unhealthy tissue.”

Still, after 6 days of my fever hovering around 103° F to 104° F, I decided I’d better get a doctor’s opinion. So on the morning of the 6th day, I asked my husband to take me to the Stanford Health Care Hospital Emergency Room on his way to work (we were living in Belmont, CA and had Health Insurance to cover the visit).

At the Emergency Room, the doctor on call palpated my abdomen and I screamed. He stated that I had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and needed surgery immediately. I said, “No, I’m in a healing crisis and I’ll get better without an operation.” He said he never heard of a healing crisis and didn’t believe there was such a thing.

An hour later, when I hadn't changed my mind, he called in an elderly surgeon who had a better bedside manner. He asked me to tell him everything that I had been doing "to get myself into this situation." I explained about the Gerson Cancer Clinic and what I had been doing to cause me to have a healing crisis and I stated that I believed it was a good thing, although I was having trouble getting through it.

He said I was dehydrated and asked if I would make him a promise if he helped me. I asked what the promise was. He said if he admitted me to the hospital for 24 hours and put me on an IV drip to hydrate me, by the next morning if my fever hadn’t broken, would I promise to let him operate? Of course, I said “Yes,” although I thought to myself, “I’ll never let him operate, but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

So, he admitted me and instructed me not to take anything by mouth, not even water, during the next 24 hours. (It was my fault that I had become dehydrated; I had been drinking less than 13 glasses of juice a day since I left the clinic and even fewer since I had developed the fever.)

I heard the doctor instruct the nurse to put me on a sodium IV drip, but the Gerson clinic taught me to never use sodium when you’re trying to heal, so I asked him for a potassium IV drip instead, and he okayed it.

When I got to my room I called my husband and explained the situation and asked him to please bring me a couple of thermos’ of fresh carrot juice, a quart of coffee concentrate (I had prepared it the day before and it was in our refrigerator), and my enema bucket when he got off work. (I was going to continue the Gerson therapy no matter what!) The quart of coffee concentrate made four quarts of coffee, which meant I would have enough for four enemas. I used tap water to make my enemas at the hospital, which I would never do unless it was an emergency as I felt this was.

My husband agreed and brought everything to the hospital that afternoon. I drank juice and took coffee enemas all through the evening and night. The nurses came in and replaced the IV drip several times and never noticed that I was taking enemas!

By morning my fever was gone and my abdomen was palpable with no pain at all! The doctor released me and I walked the 5 miles home carrying the empty thermos bottles and my enema bucket in two paper grocery bags — I couldn’t wait for a taxi — I was so ecstatic, I felt like I’d won the lottery!

Since that day, December 16, 1982 (my 46th birthday), I have not followed the Gerson Cancer Therapy Diet. I have been eating meat, eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetables and flour products. I chose not to follow the Gerson Therapy Diet for life because it takes all day, every day, to shop for and prepare the food, plus my allergies were much better (and still are). The parts of the Gerson Cancer Therapy I have continued to follow are I use only distilled water for drinking and everything else and I take a coffee enema every morning.

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