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Bonnie O’Sullivan’s Experience With A Gerson Cancer Therapy Healing Crisis

My Experience With A Gerson Cancer Therapy Healing Crisis

by Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy’s mother

In November 1982 I spent a month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. I was there as a companion to a friend who had cancer.

At the clinic, I chose to go on the allergy diet, which is the same as the cancer diet. We drank 13 glasses of fresh (not more than 5 minutes old), organic juice daily (one glass was fruit juice, three glasses consisted of 4 ounces of raw, organic calves liver juice mixed with 4 ounces of carrot juice, three were green juice, and the rest were pure carrot juice. The staff ground and pressed the liver fresh three times a day. All the juice was made with a stainless steel Norwalk juicer and press (the press is used so more juice can be pressed out of the pulp by putting it into cloth bags and pressing it electronically).

The green juice was the worst tasting stuff imaginable. It made me gag. We had all the fresh organic fruit we could eat every day. And we were served three full vegan meals daily that did not contain flour products.

Every 4 hours during the day we took coffee enemas made with distilled water (at the Gerson Clinic everyone drank and used distilled water only).

Soon after we arrived we heard bells ringing and an announcement was given over a loudspeaker (one was in every hallway) that another patient was in a "healing crisis," which they were celebrating!

In 5 days I had a healing crisis that caused a fever that lasted 24 hours (we took coffee enemas every 2 hours all day and night when we were in a healing crisis). After that, I seemed to be finished with healing reactions.

However, after 6 weeks on the diet (I continued to follow the diet at home for two weeks after leaving the clinic), I had a major healing crisis.

I had my tubes tied in 1978 (in England where I was living at the time) and at my post-surgery follow-up appointment the English surgeon advised me to have a hysterectomy as soon as possible because the lab reported that my tissue sample showed “unhealthy tissue.” I refused to have a hysterectomy and the tubal ligation incision healed with no sign of an incomplete healing.

So when I got a fever and my lower abdomen was tender at the site of the incision, I immediately thought that this healing crisis must be a healing of that “unhealthy tissue.”

Still, after 6 days of my fever hovering around 103° F to 104° F, I decided I’d better get a doctor’s opinion. So on the morning of the 6th day, I asked my husband to take me to the Stanford Health Care Hospital Emergency Room on his way to work (we were living in Belmont, CA and had Health Insurance to cover the visit).

At the Emergency Room, the doctor on call palpated my abdomen and I screamed. He stated that I had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and needed surgery immediately. I said, “No, I’m in a healing crisis and I’ll get better without an operation.” He said he never heard of a healing crisis and didn’t believe there was such a thing.

An hour later, when I hadn't changed my mind, he called in an elderly surgeon who had a better bedside manner. He asked me to tell him everything that I had been doing "to get myself into this situation." I explained about the Gerson Cancer Clinic and what I had been doing to cause me to have a healing crisis and I stated that I believed it was a good thing, although I was having trouble getting through it.

He said I was dehydrated and asked if I would make him a promise if he helped me. I asked what the promise was. He said if he admitted me to the hospital for 24 hours and put me on an IV drip to hydrate me, by the next morning if my fever hadn’t broken, would I promise to let him operate? Of course, I said “Yes,” although I thought to myself, “I’ll never let him operate, but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

So, he admitted me and instructed me not to take anything by mouth, not even water, during the next 24 hours. (It was my fault that I had become dehydrated; I had been drinking less than 13 glasses of juice a day since I left the clinic and even fewer since I had developed the fever.)

I heard the doctor instruct the nurse to put me on a sodium IV drip, but the Gerson clinic taught me to never use sodium when you’re trying to heal, so I asked him for a potassium IV drip instead, and he okayed it.

When I got to my room I called my husband and explained the situation and asked him to please bring me a couple of thermos’ of fresh carrot juice, a quart of coffee concentrate (I had prepared it the day before and it was in our refrigerator), and my enema bucket when he got off work. (I was going to continue the Gerson therapy no matter what!) The quart of coffee concentrate made four quarts of coffee, which meant I would have enough for four enemas. I used tap water to make my enemas at the hospital, which I would never do unless it was an emergency as I felt this was.

My husband agreed and brought everything to the hospital that afternoon. I drank juice and took coffee enemas all through the evening and night. The nurses came in and replaced the IV drip several times and never noticed that I was taking enemas!

By morning my fever was gone and my abdomen was palpable with no pain at all! The doctor released me and I walked the 5 miles home carrying the empty thermos bottles and my enema bucket in two paper grocery bags — I couldn’t wait for a taxi — I was so ecstatic, I felt like I’d won the lottery!

Since that day, December 16, 1982 (my 46th birthday), I have not followed the Gerson Cancer Therapy Diet. I have been eating meat, eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetables and flour products. I chose not to follow the Gerson Therapy Diet for life because it takes all day, every day, to shop for and prepare the food, plus my allergies were much better (and still are). The parts of the Gerson Cancer Therapy I have continued to follow are I use only distilled water for drinking and everything else and I take a coffee enema every morning.

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