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April 9, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

Sandy was given a clean bill of health (no sign of the tumor growing back) by her cancer doctor one year after her second surgery to remove a melanoma tumor from her sinus. She is scheduled to see him every six months.

Now Sandy has two chickpeas going (one on each leg) as she watched a YouTube video about another woman with cancer using two.

The swelling Sandy has had in the lymph glands in her breasts for 20 years (since she had a complete hysterectomy in 1997) is much less and it got even better when she started the second chickpea.

Every time Sandy changes the chickpeas she gives a big sigh and says removing the old ones makes her feel much better. Dr. Ashkar writes: “Discoloration and swelling around the wound, severe pain and bad odor are all normal, do not panic, all will go away as recuperation progresses. It will take time, be patient.”

On the subject of bad odor: Sandy smelled a strong bad odor for a few days in March. She said it smelled exactly like the amalgam fillings she worked with (preparing them and cleaning up the equipment after the dentist placed them in his patient’s mouth) when she was a dentist’s assistant in 1985. Her NIA therapy must have eliminated the mercury she has been storing in her body ever since.

Sandy has also been having severe pain in and around her wounds and flu-like feelings and pain throughout her body that comes and goes. She often thinks about giving up and allowing the wounds to heal. To do that she will follow Dr. Ashkar’s directions: “To terminate the treatment continue the process as you were doing every day. The last chickpea has to be removed and the wound kept empty, but replacement of cabbage and absorbing paper must be continued for many days until the wound heals by itself. If there is too much infection around the wound, healing will take a little bit longer, until all the infection comes out completely, or treat it as a common wound with an antibacterial medicine.”

We are very thankful someone told us about Dr. Ashkar’s NIA therapy. In my case, I’ve been noticing improvements all over my body. My arthritis is gone (I can get up off the bathroom floor when taking my coffee enemas quicker and easier than before), I can hear certain (high pitched) sounds now that I couldn’t before, my “slight” macular degeneration in my right eye has improved as I see no wavy lines on the Amsler grid any more, and the skin on my legs has no more white spots.

The white spots were caused by my kidneys not getting rid of toxins fast enough. It started when I took a special, new mineral supplement in the 80’s, which was inorganic and my body couldn’t get rid of it fast enough by the normal pathways. I had been taking a chelated mineral supplement for many years with no adverse effects, but this “special” mineral supplement was rejected by my body so quickly that within a week of taking it every day I had white spots all over my legs and arms and even on my face.

I quickly stopped taking the new mineral supplement and my face cleared up, but several of the spots stayed on my legs. Years later when talking to Dr. Kelley one day, I told him about the white spots and asked if he had ever heard of them. He hadn’t, but after searching through numerous medical reference books he finally found a description of exactly what I described to him. He found it in an old nurse’s handbook and it said the cause is: the kidneys are over loaded and the excess debris the kidney’s are responsible for eliminating is being pushed out of the body through the skin.

I tried not taking any mineral supplements for months, but since taking those mineral capsules back in the 80s I’ve always had a few white spots on my thighs. Dr. Kelley recommended I only take minerals that are from plants and eventually I found a sea vegetable mineral supplement that I take daily, which made no increase in the amount of my white spots. Dr. Ashkar writes that we don’t need to take vitamins and minerals or even eat organic foods, but I cannot bring myself to give up my regimen of taking vitamins, minerals, various amino acids, drinking only distilled water, showering with filtered water, and eating as little non-organic food as possible because I believe all of the above have kept me drug-free for 80 years.

Anyway, since starting NIA therapy the spots have disappeared (they gradually got more and more shallow and then they were gone). In reference to Dr. Kelley’s nurse’s handbook, my kidneys got sore for a day in January and then again for another day in February, so that pain may have been a healing crisis to repair the damage caused to my kidneys back in the 80s by those “new” mineral capsules).

Now maybe I’ll live longer. At least I won’t be worried about having kidney disease (my grandfather died of kidney failure and my dad died of kidney cancer).

We are planning to stay on the NIA therapy until our wounds are no longer producing pus and infected blood and the color of the wound is normal and we feel better, which signals that there are no more toxins.

December 16, 2016 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom (on her 80th birthday)

Sandy, my daughter, has been trying to return to a normal state of health after two surgeries to remove a melanoma tumor from her left sinus (one in December 2013 and one in January 2016), which we believe was caused by her 2009 surgery — the final surgery of many oral surgeries since 2001 — to remove infected and dead bone from the roof of her mouth (the infected and dead bone — osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis — were side effects of being prescribed Tetracycline when she was three that also caused the discoloration of her teeth).

Dr. Villafona, Sandy’s oral surgeon, told me after the surgery, while we were waiting for Sandy’s anesthesia to wear off, that he had “broken through the floor of the sinus” and when I asked him what that meant for her recovery, he said he didn’t know, but I could tell he was upset about it.

As well as the recurring melanoma tumor, there are other areas of Sandy’s body that have not retuned to a normal state… namely, the inflammation she has had throughout her body for 20 years that causes swelling and pain in the lymph glands in her breasts.

The only treatment of the pain and swelling offered by Sandy’s doctors has been pain killers. With steely determination she has reduced the amount of pain killers to methadone only (this has been done completely on her own — the doctors are more than willing to to give her other drugs too, until she would be completely unable to function or they killed her).

Then, we heard about the NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy), which is supposed to not only be good for reducing inflammation in the lymph system, but for curing cancer as well.

It all began when one of our Dr. Kelley cancer patients called my husband, Dale, in October and asked what he thought about another cancer cure called “Neutral Infection Absorption (NIA) Method” invented by George E. Ashkar, PhD. Dale had never heard of NIA, but asked for the name of Dr. Ashkar’s website: www.cancerselfcure.com. We watched the video about it that is on his website. (Note: There is a video I liked better on YouTube: George Ashkar, full version, English, 1-10-2015.) It made sense to me immediately and I became the guinea pig.

On November 1, 2016 I began the treatment that will cleanse my blood of arthritis causing impurities in two months (I felt better the 2nd day!) and Sandy started it on November 4, 2016 (to cure cancer in six to 18 months — and, after only two days, the swelling and pain in her lymph glands began to decrease).

We’ve been told over and over by Sandy’s dentists and doctors that — short of radiation and chemotherapy — they have gone as far as they can go to help rid her body of cancer, osteonecrosis or “dead bone” and osteomyelitis or “hidden bone infection.” And Dr. Villafona said he hesitated to do her last surgery because he thought he had gone as far as he could go with the several bone removing surgeries he had already done. As far as helping with her inflamed and swollen lymph glands, they have no idea how to help — just pain pills.

Now, miracle of miracles, she is getting good results using the NIA method. The amount of bone shards she’s been getting out of her gums for years have tapered off, making it easier to chew her food with her dentures. Plus, she can feel the movement of fluid in her lymph glands, which she has never felt before.

Here is what the NIA treatment is doing for me, Bonnie, an 80 year old who didn’t realize she had a serious health problem: Before I started the treatment I could not raise my left arm above my head (I could use my right hand and push my arm up by the elbow, and, once up, it felt okay, but it hurt going up and I had to lower it with my right hand, too). This had been going on for four years (it went away while I was on the Fast Diet, but came right back when I stopped fasting). I thought I had damaged my shoulder by using my Turbosonic whole-body vibrator daily between 2008 and 2012 (I stopped using it because of my left shoulder pain). Turns out, the pain was caused by arthritis, not the Turbosonic!

Also, arthritis must have been causing me to behave like I was “rusting,” just like the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz, because since starting the NIA treatment, I find myself bending over to pick things up off the floor before I even think about it, whereas before I avoided bending over because I was so stiff (I didn’t even realize I was avoiding picking things up because of stiffness; I chalked it up to being too busy with other things — or that I was just lazy).

Also, I get out of bed now after sleeping for 8 hours or more with no aches or stiffness. I hardly noticed being achey and stiff before — but now that I can get up out of bed quickly and easily I realize I used to be achey and stiff!! It amazes me to realize I had these signs of arthritis without being aware of them.

However, I also had a sign of arthritis that I was aware of: the joints closest to my fingertips on each of my little fingers are misshapen and crooked. I knew this was arthritis and I was using diet (eating more alkaline food — green veggies — and less acidic food — soda, vinegar, oranges and tomatoes) to prevent them from getting worse.

Now, those joints are still misshapen, but they are not red and swollen and do not hurt. Dr. Ashkar says if a person does the NIA treatment for just two months, the arthritis relief will last for years!!!

Note: Dale has gotten relief from joint pain by becoming a Vegan (over four years ago).

Note: We are not having “black liquid” coming out into our chickpeas as other people report — we believe that’s because we do coffee enemas (made with distilled water — we drink only distilled water and use it for everything as per Dr. Kelley and Dr. Gerson). Sandy has been doing two coffee enemas a day since she’s been on the NIA method and I’ve been doing one a day (as we both have for 34 years).

April 20, 2016 Follow-up Appointment Shows No Sign of Second Melanoma Tumor Growing Back

At Sandy's follow up appointment in April 2016 Dr. Drury could find no sign of the second melanoma tumor he removed in January 2016 growing back.

Dr. Drury recommended another PET/CT scan, but at that time Sandy decided not to have another one because, even if it showed the melanoma had metastasized, she was not going to under go radiation or chemotherapy.

January 20, 2016 A Second, Larger Melanoma Tumor Removed From Sandy’s Right Sinus

In January 2016 Dr. Drury removed a second, larger melanoma tumor from Sandy's right sinus.

Sandy asked Dr. Drury if her tumor came back would he remove it again even if she did not have radiation treatments and he said he would.



December 15, 2015 Melanoma Tumor Grows Back Larger Than Before

In late December 2015 Sandy went back to see Dr. Drury at his office because of sinus pain and he discovered that her tumor had grown back even larger than before.


March 5, 2014 Cancer Update: UCSF Recommends Radiation Treatments for Sandy’s Sinus

UCSF recommends radiation treatments for Sandy's sinus.

After researching radiation treatments for the prevention of melanoma returning to her sinus Sandy has decided to refuse them.

She will reevaluate her decision after having her next PET/CT scan in May 2014.

PS As of June 2017 Sandy has never had another PET/CT scan. In December 2015 she went back to Dr. Drury office because of sinus pain and he discovered that her tumor had grown back even larger than before. In January 2016 Dr. Drury removed another melanoma tumor from her right sinus. At a follow up appointment in April 2017 Dr. Drury could find no sign of the tumor. He still recommended another PET/CT scan, but at that time she decided not to have another one because, even if it showed the melanoma had metastasized, she was not going to under go radiation or chemotherapy.


January 30, 2014 Sandy’s Full-Body PET/CT Scan Results: No Cancer In Her Body

Sandy had a full body PET/CT scan on January 23, 2014. You can see what this involved by going to this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PET-CT

She received the all-clear results on January 30th at an appointment with Dr. Drury the ENT doctor who removed the melanoma tumor from her sinuses.

Dr. Drury and the doctor she has been seeing for her osteomyelitis of the jawbone for the past 13 years (Dr. Tufft) decided she should go to an oncologist at The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) for a follow-up/second opinion as USCF has a Melanoma Clinic with an ongoing melanoma study.

Sandy's appointment at UCSF is on February 18, 2014.

Dr. Drury told us that since the scan was clear of cancer, the oncologist probably won't recommend that she have chemotherapy or radiation.

This was good news because Sandy doesn't want any of that.

Melanoma Tumor Removed from Sandy’s Sinus

Today Sandy went to her follow-up appointment with the ENT doctor.

His news was not good. The mass he removed from Sandy's sinus was malignant. We were stunned. He said it was melanoma, which is very rare in mucous membranes.

So, he gave her a prescription for a full body scan, which is to try to detect if she has melanoma anywhere else in her body (her appointment for that is next Thursday, January 23rd). Then he will see her again to discuss the results of the scan and refer her to an oncologist.

He told us the oncologist would either just watch her to see if anything else shows up or she could be scheduled for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

December 30, 2013 After 16 Years of Misery Lymph Swelling Goes Down (Temporarily)

On December 17, 2013 Sandy had a large polyp, which was shaped like a peanut shell, removed from her sinuses. The doctor said it was in the far back area of her sinuses and it was completely blocking the right side and partially blocking the left side, which, according to the doctor, was blocking her lymph and was the cause of her breasts being swollen. Since then, the swelling in her breasts has decreased so much she says she’s amazed at how much better her whole body feels (the feeling she had before was like she had an inflated inner-tube wrapped around her chest).

Sandy has been telling me about this feeling since she had a hysterectomy in November 1997 (16 years ago).

Dr. Clark explained to Sandy in 2001 that having a hysterectomy was the cause of the swelling of her breasts because before her hysterectomy a pathway had been established to send the toxins from the hidden infection in her jawbone (see next paragraph) to her ovaries (which was causing the endometriosis, which was the reason for the hysterectomy) and, when her ovaries were removed, the pathway changed and went to her breasts. Dr. Clark also explained that since the pathway to her breasts was now established any other toxins released from an infection in her body would follow the same pathway.

Sandy’s problem began with a hidden infection called osteomyelitis (infected bone) in her jawbone which was caused by taking tetracycline at age two, which discolored and weakened her permanent teeth that were in the process of developing in her jawbone, and, being hit under her jaw in a swimming pool accident at age nine, which caused fractures from the crown to the tips of the roots of several of her molars.

Unbeknown to Sandy an infection from the fractures of the roots gradually caused both osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis (dead bone) in her jawbone, which caused toxins to drain into her body. (Note: Sandy had several endometriosis operations between the ages of 18 and 30 before she had her hysterectomy in 1997 at the age of 36. In the screening of a video of one of those operations we saw drooping strings of what looked like pearl necklaces, which the doctor called endometriosis material as he removed them with a laser.)

By January 2001, three years after her hysterectomy, Sandy was in so much pain and so swollen she thought she was dying, but her Washington state dentist, who had removed three molars after trying to save them with root canals that failed, did not realize she had osteomyelitis/osteonecrosis.

It was after she came to live with me, her mom (Bonnie) and Dale in March 2001 that she was diagnosed with osteomyelitis/osteonecrosis of the jawbone (this was in September of 2001 after seeing several doctors and dentists and having had several more teeth removed). Between September 2001 and September 2009 she had all of her teeth removed and multiple jawbone scrapping surgeries and dead bone removal surgeries (during the surgery in September 2009 the dentist said he had broken through into her sinus area as he was removing dead bone).

Now, with both the infection and the polyp gone we believe the lymph nodes in Sandy's breasts will be able to go completely back to normal. (Update: This did not happen, in December 2015 the tumor was discovered to be back and she had another operation to remove an even bigger tumor than the first one in January 2016, which was also melanoma.)

December 24, 2013 Sandy Feeling Better After Operation To Remove Mass in Sinus

Sandy is so much better we think she may be back to normal. Her color is better, her eyes are sparkly and her personality is way more cheerful than it has been in 12 years.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her third post-op check-up (the day after the surgery he decided not to remove the packing, so he took out the packing on the 20th and there was no bleeding and it looked good). We will get the results of the culture tomorrow. The "mass" as the doctor called it, was the size of a whole peanut in the shell. It blocked the right side of her sinus and part of the left side and was way in the back. He showed us on a huge poster-sized picture of the sinus area.

What Sandy likes best that has improved since the operation is that her breasts are not as swollen. She keeps showing me her neck where the swelling has gone down (now there's a crease in her skin where it used to be swollen). All the swelling is reduced.

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