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Introduction to The Master Mineral Solution (MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution) of the Third Millennium, 2011, by Jim V. Humble and Sandy’s Immediate Reaction to Using Protocol MMS1

This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series MMS Miracle

"If you are new to MMS, I hope you do not think that this book tells about just another interesting supplement that can help some people after they take it for several months. Not so. This Master Mineral Supplement (now called: Miracle Mineral Solution) (MMS) works in a few hours. The #1 killer of mankind in the world today is malaria, a disease that is typically overcome by this supplement in only four hours. This has been proven through clinical trials in Malawi, a country in eastern Africa. In killing the malaria parasite in the body, there was not a single failure and at this writing, more than 800 HIV/AIDS cases have been successfully treated in Malawi, with all the before-and-after tests and records in place. More than 5 million people have used MMS worldwide.

"After taking MMS, people are often disease-free in 5 days and other diseases and conditions simply disappear. If patients in the nearest hospital were treated with this Master Mineral, over 50% of them would be back home within a week and 90% would be home before two months were out.

"For more than 100 years, clinics and hospitals have used the active ingredient in this supplement to sterilize hospital floors, tables, equipment, and other items. Now this same powerful germ killer can be harnessed by the immune system to safely kill pathogens in the human body.

"Amazing as it might seem, when MMS is taken correctly, the immune system can use it to kill only those germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the body. MMS does not affect the friendly bacteria in the body nor any of the healthy cells. It is one of the same chemicals that the body’s immune system manufactures to kill pathogens and other harmful microorganisms in the body.

"MMS is the greatest solution to mankind’s diseases and ills now known. It is not a drug. I have provided complete details on how to make this supplement in your kitchen, buying most of the ingredients off the shelf. It is entirely possible that you will save someone’s life or your own.

"Because MMS functions as a supercharger to the immune system, it is not meant for treatment of any particular disease; rather, it has been found to improve the immune system to the point of overcoming most disease, frequently in less than 24 hours." — Jim Humble

Sandy's History

Of all the many things Sandy, age 57, has done to help herself regain her health after having a total hysterectomy in November of 1997, MMS has helped her the most.

History: Sandy had her hysterectomy because of recurring endometriosis (she was prescribed pain medication for menstrual pain beginning in 1973 at age 12). She had had two endometriosis operations previously, but when the pain returned again after the second operation her doctor recommended a complete hysterectomy. When she did not recover her health after her hysterectomy she began to fear she was dying (her body remained in severe pain and was so swollen she couldn’t bear to be touched). Her doctor said she had: “classical fibromyalgia with a total of 13 of 18 possible trigger points positive.” In March 2001 she moved from Washington to California to live with me and her stepdad, Dale, as she could no longer work and believed she was dying.

In December of 2001, after losing several molars due to their splitting down to their roots, she had all her teeth removed (they were all tetracycline damaged, which caused her to have osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis of the jawbone and the floor of her sinus). Between 2001 and 2009 she had numerous jawbone scraping surgeries to remove the infected and dead bone, and, more recently, she had three melanoma cancer tumors removed (December 2013, January 2016 and February 2018) from her left sinus area (as well as having bone from the base of her skull removed and extensive tissue removed during her February 2018 surgery). Although according to her surgeon, she is now cancer-free, her fibromyalgia was still causing her body to be painful and swollen.

On July 20, 2018, Sandy was worried a tumor was growing again in her sinus as she went to her 5th follow-up appointment after having surgery to remove a melanoma tumor on February 8, 2018 (at the time she was unaware of MMS). (Sandy has had three melanoma tumors removed: December 2013, January 2016, and February 2018.)

She explained to her doctor that the roof of her mouth was so swollen on some days that wearing her dentures was painful.

After his examination of her sinuses (he looked at both sides as she said both sides felt swollen), he assured her that no tumor was growing on either side.

New dentures were discussed, but with the swelling coming and going she decided to wait to have them made.

That no tumor was growing was good news. However, Sandy continued to feel the swelling, which was very bad some days and a little better on other days.

By August 1st, the swelling was so bad that her dentures were uncomfortable to keep in her mouth and she only wore them to eat. This caused her to spend the day at home, with her dentures in a cup on a table.

Sandy is still on the chickpea therapy and will continue for two years from her February surgery (until February 2020). She has already been on the chickpea therapy for 21 months as she started on November 4, 2016.

She has decided to continue on the chickpea therapy for 24 months from her last surgery because two years was how long it took for the previous melanoma tumors to grow back.

Swelling in the roof of Sandy's mouth relieved with new regimen: Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

Then, on August 5, 2018, Sandy began taking the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Protocol MMS1000 (MMS1), and since then she has made unbelievable progress toward good health.

The difference Sandy noticed immediately was that she could keep her dentures in all day with no discomfort. The swelling went away after the first day and has not returned.

On the 5th and 6th of August, Sandy felt a little cranky and tired, but that was okay with her as it meant she was killing off something that needed killing off

(a mild Herxheimer’s Reaction).

If you are interested in learning more about MMS please go to the following:



March 4, 2018 Feedback from Reader Prevents Pain and Infection after Sinus Surgery

The following is a texting conversation that helped Sandy continue using the Neti pot as directed by her surgeon (several times a day at first and then, after a few days, gradually cut down to once a day). After March 8th she will only use the Neti pot once a week. This regime was recommended to prevent scarring and the need for more surgery to remove a scar that blocks breathing.

Tina: Careful of overusing Neti pot and destroying beneficial flora. It happens.

Bonnie: Thanks for the feedback. I looked up how to get probiotics into your sinuses and one site said to empty a probiotic capsule into the Neti Pot along with the saline solution! So, thank you for alerting us to that. Sandy will start doing that today! She is also taking capsules of probiotics twice a day. Someone recommended anti-fungal rinses to deter the tumor from growing back and said he uses grapefruit seed extract. I found a spray by Nutribiotic and a Neti-wash plus by Himalayan Chandra that both contain grapefruit seed extract but she hasn’t tried either yet. She should have been doing all of this after her previous two tumor surgeries, but her surgeon (at the time) did not instruct her to use salt water sprays or the Neti pot with salt water immediately after surgery (much less to use antifungals to deter the tumor from growing back!).

Tina: I have that same grapefruit seed extract. It is very strong. And my masseuse overused her Neto pot and used oregano extract to get her sinus back in shape. Be careful! The oregano and grapefruit seed extract will burn right now. I would use very mild saline only. But NOT twice a day. That will imbalance the flora.

Bonnie: Yea Tina!!! Sandy just did her Neti pot rinse and we added the contents of one probiotic capsule to the saline solution and she is so happy! She kept complaining about an awful taste in her mouth after using the Neti pot the last few days and now after she did the rinse, she said that taste is gone. She thinks it meant that she had an infection started. She got green specked mucus out this time. Wow, I can’t thank you enough. She will wait to use the oregano or grapefruit seed extract products in the rinses until she has healed a lot more. Thanks for the warning.

Tina: Yay!!!!!

Bonnie: Sandy says her pain is less too! She is so thankful you wrote to me, that you had the time today, and that I’ve been including you in my texting to family members. She is so happy now! My God, could the pain be helped with probiotic rinses? I’ve been frantic trying to get her on the right pain medication!

Tina: That's so great! I'm glad to be on the family list too. When my hands are chapped and painful I "wash" them with plain yogurt and the pain goes away! I wash the dog's sore paws and he seems happy too. My scalp likes it too! So simple of a thing.

Bonnie: Yes, just ingesting it is not enough. END

Note: The probiotic capsules we take contain Bacillus Coagulans and are called FloraG capsules. This probiotic is a spore, which is encapsulated, which makes it very hardy. It can withstand heat, digestive juices, and salt. Salt is like an antibiotic as it kills everything, which is why processed foods contain so much of it.

Note: The above texting conversation took place over several hours on February 28, 2018. I waited until today to post it to be sure Sandy"s unpleasant symptoms from using the Neti pot would continue to be alleviated by adding the contents of one FloraG capsule to the cup of Neti pot salt water. For the past five days, as she continues to use the Neti pot daily, Sandy has not complained once since adding the FloraG about a nasty taste in her mouth or of pain in her sinuses after using the Neti Pot! No sign of infection (green mucus) either!

February 27, 2018 Neti Pot Sinus Rinses Continue

Sandy didn’t go to her appointment on February 23rd (she called and said she couldn’t make it, so now she has one on March 30th). She didn’t want any more trauma done to her sinus. She is using the Neti Pot twice a day with the salt packets. Rinsing with salt water is all the doctor said to do, so she feels she is doing okay. She is taking 2 Serrapeptase tablets three times a day to prevent scar tissue from forming (it also helps reduce mucus and I have been taking 2 three times a day for 10 years because without it I have excess mucus and always have -- my grammar school teachers always gave me permission to leave the room when I had to blow my nose!!!). Also, I just ordered Sandy 4 Sole Serum tubes that I saw on The View today. They contain Lidocaine and are used for helping people wear high heels for three hours. You put 3 drops on the soles of your feet, rub it in, let it dry, put on your heels and away you go -- pain-free for three hours! Sandy is still having pain in her face, especially after eating and/or using the Neti Pot. Maybe the drops will help as Lidocaine was the only pain medication that helped after her surgery. I hope it works.

February 8, 2018 Sandra’s Third Melanoma Nasal Tumor is Removed

Sandy had a third surgery to remove a tumor from her sinus at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA, on February 8, 2018. She was in surgery for two and a half hours. It was much more invasive than her previous two sinus surgeries.

They had to remove some bone. She had to stay overnight at the hospital. They increased her pain meds and gave her a prescription to use for another 4 days.

She feels like she was kicked in the right eye by a horse. Her face is swollen on the right side but that is the only after effect you can see. Right before the surgery, the doctor told us that if he needed to disturb the nerve that is right beside the tumor she might have permanent numbness of her right cheek and the loss of her facial muscles on the right side of her face. That was very scary to hear. Thankfully, he told me (at 4:40 pm in the waiting room where I had been since 9 am) that he did not need to touch the nerve.

I was with her on and off before the surgery started at 2 pm (it was supposed to start at noon but got delayed due to his previous surgery going overtime) and was told she would be able to go home after the surgery (it ended at 4:30 pm) plus a 90 minute stay in the recovery room (6 pm). The recovery room time was extended over and over due to the fact that they were having a difficult time controlling her pain. Finally, they tried lidocaine, which is used for dental procedures, and it did the trick. Then, at 9 pm, I was told she was being admitted to the hospital.

I was with her as they wheeled her to her room (she told me the pain she was having in the recovery room was exactly like a toothache only a thousand times worse) and then I had to leave.

Sandy changed her chickpeas after I left (it was exactly 12 hours after she changed them that morning) and she changed them again 12 hours after that the next morning. (While I waited for the doctor to decide if she needed to stay overnight in the hospital I went to the car and got 4 chickpeas and 4 squares of cabbage plus 4 band-aids, just in case he admitted her).

After leaving the hospital I got another motel room, this time in Sunnyvale, 20 minutes south, as all the motels were full all the way up the peninsula to South San Francisco. We both stayed in a motel in Redwood City the night before the surgery as she had a full day of tests the day before the surgery. So we were in or near Palo Alto from 11 am on 2/7/18 to 3 pm on 2/9/18.

After Sandy was discharged from the hospital we went to the CVS drug store and got her pain prescription filled and left Palo Alto. We were home in less than two hours

That night, 2/9/18, Sandy slept during the night off and on sitting up in her easy chair. She had blood draining down the back of her throat, which is the only thing the pain meds didn’t help. The doctor said when she goes to bed she should be propped up at a 30-degree angle until the bleeding stops. The bleeding tapered off over the next two days.

She had a follow-up appointment to see the doctor on February 14, 2018 at 2:30 pm to find out if the tumor was malignant or not and to have the doctor look at his handiwork. She told him she does not want chemo or radiation therapy if it turns out to be melanoma again. He told us he had received the slides of Sandy’s previous melanoma tumors from December 2013 and January 2016 but hadn’t looked at them yet. She is now part of a “Stanford Melanoma Study.”

On February 14, 2018, at her follow-up appointment, we learned that Sandy’s tumor tested positive for malignant melanoma. The surrounding tissue and bone were negative for melanoma. The doctor said that part was good. Before seeing the doctor the doctor’s student-assistant (whom I believe was the one who performed the surgery) picked off the scabs in Sandy’s sinus and, even with the anesthesia a nurse sprayed into her nose a half hour before, she screamed and screamed (he removed most of them and they were sucked up with a vacuum device attached to the tweezers he was using). I watched on the monitor as she screamed but I didn’t hold her hand because her knuckles were white as she gripped the armrests of the chair. The doctor finally came in and took his “protege” out of the room for a few minutes and then they both came back in and the doctor said they both decided that that was enough for the day (he also said he couldn’t just stand outside the room and listen to her scream even though it is necessary to remove the scabs so scar tissue doesn’t build up and block her airway).

It took us 2 1/2 hours to get home that night in stop and go traffic and it was dark most of the time (during the middle of the day it usually only takes 2 hours but we left at 5:30 pm and got home at 8 pm). Sandy is my navigator and she was up to the job even after all her pain and then having to take extra pain medication just to get home. We tried to eat out at the Fish Market (where she used to be a waitress 30 years ago and where she had made us a reservation) but 1/2 way through our meal she couldn’t stand the pain in her face and we packed it up and left (she thinks the anesthetic they sprayed into her sinus wore off just as we were beginning to eat). The next day we both had sore muscles from our grips on things (Sandy the armrests and me the steering wheel). All in all, it was a horrible Valentine’s day.

In answer to Bill’s (Sandy's brother) text, “Not fun. Hopefully, they got all of the tumor! With no issues in the surrounding areas, I take it, this is good news!” Yes, they got all of the tumor, but they got it all the last two times also (but this was the first time any bone or surrounding tissue was removed). This time, with the removal of bone from the scull base and the 3 samples of salivary gland tissue from the surrounding area, all of which tested negative for melanoma, the doctor said that that news is good. Sandy will see the doctor again on the 23rd of Feb. and, in the meantime, she is removing the scabs herself with saline rinses (NeilMed Sinus Rinse premixed packets are what the doctor recommended and they are working well). She is using a Neti Pot instead of the spray bottle that comes with the packets.

Ben (Sandy's son) asked: “What "stage" is Mom in?” I Googled "stages of cancer definition" and this is what I found: "Stage 0. This stage describes cancer in situ, which means ’in place.’ Stage 0 cancers are still located in the place they started and have not spread to nearby tissues. This stage of cancer is often highly curable, usually by removing the entire tumor with surgery." I guess that's why the doctor said the results of the lab tests on the surrounding tissue and bone were good.

We are praying that the chickpea therapy will prevent the tumor from growing back and/or metastasizing. The chickpeas seem to be working well to prevent the melanoma from metastasizing. Sandy says she is willing to have the melanoma tumor removed again and again and keep changing the chickpeas in her legs every 12 hours forever if it will keep the melanoma from metastasizing. She has been on the chickpea therapy for 15 months so far and the physicist who wrote the book about it says it takes at least 18 months to get rid of metastasized cancer (and surgically removing cancerous tumors, if possible, helps). He says cancer is caused by two things: toxins and trauma.

I’m going to ask Sandy’s surgeon next week if he can recommend a psychiatrist who specializes in incest survivors and who takes Medicare. Sandy has resisted going to a psychiatrist because she didn’t want to talk about what her dad (who died in 1997) did to her and Cappie (Caprice Ann Petry, March 19, 1959 - July 27, 1980, Sandy's sister who died in a car accident) but yesterday she said she and I talk about it all the time so maybe it’s time she goes and talks about it with someone who might be able to help and not just sympathize. I agree because I think she needs someone to give her some tools to deal with her feelings instead of letting them cause the tumor to grow back.

Some psychiatrists say talking about a trauma without the tools to reduce the stress that talking about it causes makes the body believe the trauma is taking place again and again.

Sandy is feeling a little better today. She is so angry at the student doctor that she never wants to see him again. We will see if she goes back to Stanford next week or not. I couldn’t tell you one way or another.

Christmas Photo 1994: Back row: Sandra Petry, Bonnie O'Sullivan, Dale Maxwell, Nancy Petry, Bill Petry, Front row: Ben Hagen, Donovan Maxwell, Justin Petry, Shane Petry (in Nancy's arms, Billy Jack Petry.

June 16, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom (June 16, 2017)

Yesterday I stopped my chickpea therapy. For the past week or so my wound was producing less and less blood and pus and had become more and more shallow each time I changed the chickpea (the chickpea seemed to be getting pushed out of it). When I started the chickpea therapy in November it only took 24 hours for the chickpea to just sink into the wound, so I took the signal from my wound and stopped putting in the chickpeas.

Other signs that my therapy was finished are: I'm not sleeping more than eight or nine hours a night anymore, I'm not taking four or five hour naps (they gradually got shorter until now I'm not taking a nap at all), and I have more energy, which is apparent by looking at the dates (starting in May) of my posts on sandrastory.com about our chickpea therapy.

To stop my therapy, I followed Dr. Ashkar’s directions and am using a piece of cabbage to cover the wound (to keep it moist), but without the chickpea. I’m covering the cabbage and wound with a CVS 3X4 pad. The wound doesn’t hurt or itch, so I believe I’m doing it right.

Everyday, several times a day, I find myself marveling at how easy it is now for me to get up out of our bed and how easily I raise my arms to take the shower head off it’s mounting to use it by hand, and to raise my enema bucket above my head to thoroughly drain it after use, and to quickly get my legs under me when I get up off the bathroom floor after using the enema bucket… All this is very personal information, but how else can I explain how amazing and worth it it has been to spend seven and a half months going through a few mild healing crises and taking care of a wound on my leg twice a day? (By the way, the dark red, angry looking skin around the wound is fading away.)

Sandy has had quite a different experience. She did not have arthritis like I did so she hasn’t noticed movement improvement as I have. Her two main goals are: 1.) To never have inflamed and swollen lymph nodes in her breasts again and 2.) To never have cancer again in her lifetime (although, according to Dr. Ashkar, she may have to do another course of chickpea therapy in 15 years to reach that goal).

As far as describing Sandy's healing crises, I’ll try: Every now and then she feels her lymph fluid move throughout her body, especially in her breasts. It must be a strange feeling (I've never felt it in my body). We talk about it a lot, especially on the days she feels it happening. She says even though it’s hard to explain she knows it's a good thing because it's the first time since 1996 that her breasts have been so much less painful and swollen for a whole seven months and it’s happening without taking harmful drugs such as steroids. She told me today she will stay on the therapy for the rest of her life if it keeps the pain in her breasts away.

Sandy is also experiencing a lot of emotional ups and downs and has dreams where she is back in time re-living harsh emotional experiences.

Sandy has had many traumatic life experiences. We believe that her emotions were so severely traumatized as a child that the chickpea therapy is causing emotional healing crises.

June 14, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

For the past three days Sandy has been going through a serious healing crisis involving two of the lymph nodes behind her ears (one behind each ear). The nodes became red, swollen and painful when touched (but never got so bad that we thought they would burst). She also broke out in a series of red pimples in a straight line down each side of her neck from behind her ears. The pimples itched and it was difficult for her to avoid scratching them. Today the swelling of her lymph nodes has gone down and the redness is gone, but there is still some swelling. (Note: Dr. Tufft removed a lymph node from behind Sandy’s left ear a few years ago as he thought it was ready to burst at the time of her office visit with him.)

June 7, 2017 ACE Bandage Eliminated – NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

We are now past seven months of our NIA or chickpea therapy. I am keeping busy cutting cabbage up into squares and cutting paper towels up into the sleeves that the cabbage fits into.

Because the ACE bandage was bothering Sandy, especially when showering, we experimented by substituting a Johnson and Johnson Large Waterproof Pad to cover the paper towel sleeves, cabbage and chickpeas instead of the ACE bandage. (I bought the first box of J&J pads at our neighborhood Walgreens Drug Store — they didn’t have a Walgreens brand of 3X4 inch pads.)

At first both of us used the J&J pads only when taking a shower. For seven months we had been covering the ACE bandage, paper towel sleeve, cabbage and chickpea with a ziplock baggie and taping the baggie to our leg with Scotch Mailing tape when taking a shower, which was a hassle. So, I bought the J&J pads to use to cover the cabbage and chickpea when we took a shower. (Note: Dr. Ashkar says not to worry about the ACE bandage, paper towel sleeve, cabbage and chickpea getting wet in the shower or when swimming, but somehow we just couldn’t take a shower without covering it all up. It all gets wet anyway, but not as completely as it would if not covered with the baggie.)

Anyway, the J&J pads were so comfortable that Sandy totally stopped using the ACE bandages and began using a new J&J pad every time she changed her chickpeas. When using the ACE bandage we were always worried that the bandage would slip and fall down to our ankles allowing the chickpea to fall out of the wound, which had happened several times. After switching she kept telling me she loved the freedom the J&J pads gave her — in the shower, turning over in bed, and when walking.
Sandy believes she may have been guilty of wrapping her ACE bandages too tightly around her legs to keep them from slipping because, since using the pads, she has noticed more bloody pus (lymph fluid) flowing from her wounds.

Sandy also says the foul odor of the fluid has increased (the odor comes and goes and is due to the toxins that the body has stored in the lymph fluid).
Throughout my life I have not taken drugs except antibiotics for pneumonia when I was five and antibiotics for an earache or sore throat occasionally since then.
Therefore, I have not experienced the same amount of pus or odor coming out of my wound as Sandy has. (However, four times in seven months I was shocked by the amount of blood that spilled out of my wound, ran down my leg and got all over the floor when taking the chickpea out to change it.)

Sandy has taken many different kinds of antibiotics, pain medication, steroids and other drugs to combat the osteonecrosis or “dead bone” and osteomyelitis or “hidden bone infection” in her jawbone that was caused by being given tetracycline when she was three and which was not diagnosed until 2001 when she was 40 years old. Her doctor told us that, just like when using chemotherapy, the trick of the treatment is to kill the infection without killing the patient.

[Note: The following is an excerpt of the post of November 2013 from sandrastory.com — I’m adding it here to help explain how Sandy could have so much more output of toxic blood and pus and foul odor.

[This is a scene of just one of dozens of Sandy’s Emergency Room visits and doctor’s visits since 2001:

[When: September 2013, three months before Sandy’s December 2013 surgery to remove the first melanoma tumor from her right sinus.

[Why: Due to congestion in her sinus Sandy paid a visit to Dr. Tufft, the doctor who first diagnosed her as having osteomyelitis.

[Where: In Dr. Tufft’s office, after examining her sinuses with a light and seeing that she had a bloody mass blocking her sinuses Dr. Tufft immediately put her on a nebulizer with a steroid, an anti-fungal, and an anti-bacterial in the mist and gave her a shot with the same contents. She had to sit there for 40 minutes breathing the mist as he talked to us about how osteomyelitis comes back even after years of it seeming to be in arrest.

[Dr. Tufft sent her home with a prescription of yet another antibiotic and an appointment to see him the next week. Well, that antibiotic didn't do much and at her second appointment he put her on an extremely strong penicillin mixed with an additional antibiotic.

[Sandy had to take dozens of probiotic capsules daily between and with doses of the antibiotics to keep from having diarrhea — she learned to do this when Dr. Tufft had her on a pic-line pumping antibiotics into her vein for three months at a time three different times trying to kill the bacteria in her jawbone — and is gradually feeling better (her cough is 50 percent better, but she is still blowing bloody mucus out of her nose).

[Dr. Tufft also has her taking steroids, which seem to help the pain she has in her breasts when the dose is strong (both times the pills are to be taken 7 on the first day, 6 on the second day, etc). So, by the time she is on just one, or, on the present schedule, 1/2 a pill, they stop working. They are the only thing that has helped reduce the inflammation she has in her lymph.]

The End

After a few days of watching Sandy’s wounds continue to discharge huge amounts of pus and blood after switching from using the ACE bandages to using the J&J pads I joined her by not using an ACE bandage and using a new J&J pad every 12 hours.

However, I started to be concerned about using the J&J pads when I realized a headache I had been having for two days might be due to using the pads for those two days. I very seldom have a headache, and when I get one I can usually figure out what is causing it by recalling what I ate or what toxin I might have been exposed to in the hours before it began. Then, by taking a coffee enema and avoiding what I suspect is causing it, my headache disappears. In this case, I could not think of anything new that I ate or that I could have been exposed to other than the J&J pads. So, to test my suspicion, I removed the J&J pad, put an ACE bandage over a fresh chickpea covered with a piece of cabbage in a paper towel sleeve, took a coffee enema, and my headache was gone. To be certain I was right, I tried using a J&J pad again two days later and 20 minutes after putting the J&J pad on my leg, my headache came back.

I told Sandy what I figured out was causing my headache and she said she was wondering why she had been feeling more and more exhausted and cranky (no headache, just feeling exhausted and irritable), but thought it was another healing crisis in her lymph system.

As soon as Sandy stopped using the J&J pads and put her ACE bandages back on over her chickpeas, cabbage and paper towel sleeves (and taking a few coffee enemas) her exhaustion and irritability disappeared. She kept telling me she is very thankful that I am doing the NIA treatment at the same time as she is and that I am so sensitive, because she might have continued feeling awful without knowing the true cause.

To understand why the J&J pads caused our discomfort, we looked at the ingredients of the J&J pad on the box and discovered it contains “Quilt-Aid” - “A technology that wicks away blood and fluid to keep wounds clean.” The “Quilt-Aid” technology is probably the toxin.

This caused Dale to call Johnson and Johnson and complain and get our money back (a check for $64.37 arrived a few days later) for a dozen boxes of the pads he had ordered through Amazon (Amazon doesn't give refunds on the J&J pads). The J&J Customer Service Representative asked Dale dozens of questions (that I helped him answer) and Dale believes the questions were a part of a prepared conversation to be used when customers complain about J&J’s “Quilt-Aid” technology.

As soon as we figured out that the J&J “additive” was the problem, I went looking for another brand of 3X4 inch pads that did not contain any added ingredients (Dale couldn’t find any on Amazon the same size).

I found what I was looking for at the CVS Drug Store and Sandy and I have been happily using the CVS brand of Large Sheer Adhesive Pads (which are not waterproof) with no ill effects. (Note: We are continuing to use a small piece of cabbage to cover the chickpea, which keeps the chickpea moist on the area of the chickpea not facing into the wound, but stopped using the paper towel sleeve.)

Both brands are approximately 3X4 inches, but the Johnson and Johnson brand is much more expensive (J&J’s cost $5 for 6 pads and CVS’s cost $5 for 10 pads).

Note: Dr. Ashkar recommends using Adhesive tape to secure the paper towel sleeve containing the piece of cabbage to your leg. The Adhesive tape irritated our skin so we did not use it. This omission may have been why our chickpeas fell out of the wound when our ACE bandages slipped down our legs.

In hindsight, we should have tried other brands of tape or switched to the CVS brand of 3X4 inch pads from the beginning as the tape surrounding the J&J 3X4 inch pads and the CVS 3X4 inch pads do not irritate our skin.

June 2, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom (June 2, 2017)

As we enter the 8th month of our NIA therapy I have decided (I had to test it over and over) that certain foods that I eat cause my wound to be painful. I ate salad dressing one day and the next time I changed my chickpea my wound had developed a blister on the lower edge. Vinegar is the main culprit. Tomato sauce and coke also cause pain.

Sandy doesn’t seem to have the same reaction to acidic foods that I do.

We have also realized we need to discard our ACE bandages frequently as they lose their stretchability in about 10 days and we wake up with the chickpea loose in the bed. We are going through multiple ACE bandages.

PS I have decided not to start a second chickpea.



May 16, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

I just got over a pretty awful healing crisis that lasted two days — I had an earache that felt like electrical shocks going through my right ear over and over (keeping my ear warm helped). Yesterday the pain was really bad. I took two aspirin every four to five hours, but they just helped me stand it — they didn’t stop it. Today I’m pain free!

I have four root canal filled teeth and Sandy believes my healing crisis was about those.

I bought a fresh clove of organic garlic today and plan to start a second wound. We ordered set of Pugster plastic rings (a set of ring sizers to gauge finger size) from Amazon so I can choose a ring a little bigger than the one I used before to start our blisters.

We used my platinum wedding band to make the blisters for the wounds we have now and we think we should have made the wounds bigger because we are always searching for the smallest chickpeas in the bag.

May 7, 2017 Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar’s Chickpea Therapy)

Update of Sandy and Bonnie’s NIA Treatment (Dr. Ashkar's Chickpea Therapy)

By Bonnie O’Sullivan, Sandy's mom

I had my hair cut yesterday by my hair stylist, Julee, who I've seen every month for the past 28 years and mentioned how much better the skin on the back of my hands looks and she immediately agreed (the back of my hands used to have several seborrheic keratoses — benign marks — redness and just an unhealthy look). She has been listening to my chickpea story for six months... she's healthy but always remembers everything her customers tell her and passes info on to whoever she thinks might be interested (she'll be 50 July 5th — I met her when she was 22).

Dale, Sandy, Julee and I all agree that if the skin on the outside of my body is improving, the skin on the inside must be improving as well (colon, arteries, veins, liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, etc.).

Here’s another sign that things are improving internally: I can see on my thighs that two patches of red spider veins that I’ve had for 59 years (since I was pregnant with my son) have faded away to nothing, but two smaller (two inches long each) blue spider veins have not.

Along with all the health benefits we have been noticing Sandy and I are also having mild healing crises (pain in various parts of our bodies for a day or two, but no fever). Also, whenever Sandy and I are feeling these pains, we have been sleeping four to five extra hours a day.

Healing crises are very mysterious. In January I got a pain in my left cheek that lasted for four days. It was so painful I went to my dentist on the 4th day. Xrays showed no problem with my teeth and the pain was gone by the time I got home!

I learned about healing crises in November 1982 when I was at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico as a helper for a friend who had cancer (I was following the Gerson therapy to get rid of my allergies). While there I attended lectures given by doctors and former cancer patients about healing crises (the doctors rang bells and cheered when one of the cancer patients had a healing crisis). I experienced a mild healing crisis at the clinic and a severe healing crisis after I got home…

After six weeks (four at the clinic and two at home) of eating a strict vegan diet, drinking 13 eight ounce glasses of specially prepared (using a Norwalk juicer/press machine) vegetable juice a day and four ounces of liver juice (made by juicing and pressing baby organic beef liver) mixed with one of the carrot juices once a day, and taking two to three coffee enemas a day, I got a fever and a pain in my lower abdomen that lasted longer than three days and I ended up going to the emergency room at Stanford Hospital.

I knew what was wrong, but the doctors wanted to operate right away. I told them I didn’t need surgery, I was in a healing crisis that was brought on by following a diet to cure cancer. Well, that went over like a lead balloon. But, they allowed me to wait until the next day and I allowed them to admit me (I was married to Frank O’Sullivan then and had hospital coverage under his job at Honeywell).

That night Frank brought me a thermos of fresh, homemade carrot juice that he made after work and my enema bucket.

I wasn’t supposed to have anything by mouth (they had me hooked up to an IV giving me fluids as they said I was dehydrated), but I drank the carrot juice and took two coffee enemas (Frank brought the coffee in another thermos). The nurses who were in and out of my room all night never noticed the enema bucket sitting on my table!

Anyway, the next day was December 16th, my 46th birthday, and when the doctors came to see me my fever had gone down and I was pain free. They discharged me and I walked home to our house in Belmont as happy as I’ve ever been in my life — I knew the diet had healed me. (Frank was at work and when I called to tell him my good news I assured him I could walk and carry everything with no problem.)

This is what I believe happened: I had my tubes tied in December 1979 and the surgeon recommended I have a hysterectomy as my lab report showed I had “unhealthy tissue” removed during the operation. I felt perfectly fine, so I refused a hysterectomy. I believe the “unhealthy tissue” was what that healing crisis — three years later — healed.

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