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Sandy Uses Aztec Clay for a Herxsheimer’s Reaction of Fungus

On August 26th, the 16th day of her 21-day MMS1 Protocol, and after taking 3 drops of activated MMS every hour for 8 hours, Sandy got a painful red rash on her back (right side, at waist). The next day she just reduced her MMS1 dose. She took 1 drop every hour for 8 hours the day after the rash appeared. This did not help! By the next morning, she was in agony. It felt like she was being stabbed in the back with a knife and the knife was being twisted. She also felt nauseous and vomited several times.

Dale has been studying MMS with the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing and remembered what he read about rashes and fungus in Jim Humble’s book, The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium, 2011. In it, Jim writes: “There are some fungi that do not respond to MMS and they will even get worse when treated with MMS. Luckily there is another Master Mineral that will handle these fungi.”

Dale showed us the section in the book called: Aztec Clay for Fungus Problems: “When you notice that a rash or cancerous growth gets worse when treated with MMS1 and it does not respond to MMS2, don’t wait — find some Aztec clay at the nearest Health Food Store. It is commercially known as Bentonite and is used for oil well drilling. This clay has billions of tiny holes with an electrical charge that draws fungi and other microorganisms into the holes and they cannot get back out. Buy some Bentonite, mix it with 50% Vaseline, and cover the area extra thick. The fungus should be gone in 2 or 3 days. Keep replacing the mixture on the fungus every 3 or 4 hours. It helps if you hold the mixture in place with a bandage of some kind.”

That day, August 28th, Dale went to the store, bought a pound container of Bentonite clay powder and I mixed it one part Bentonite to one part Vaseline, spread it on Sandy’s rash and covered it with two large bandaids cut to fit together. We’ve been doing that every four hours for two days. The rash looks a little better and the pain is becoming less severe. When the rash and pain are completely gone Sandy plans to try again to complete the 21-day MMS1 Protocol.

Jim writes: “MMS makes things better. If MMS doesn’t make it better, you are either using MMS wrong, like not activating it or (more commonly) using too much; or you have a fungus problem.”

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